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Boffins discover previously unknown bacteria in marine sediments

Washington, Sept 23 : A German-American research team of biologists and geochemists has discovered hitherto unknown anaerobic bacteria in marine sediments, which need only propane or butane for growth.

Ethane, propane butane, and methane are the major constituents of natural gas. Biological processes may lead to the degradation of these hydrocarbons in underground petroleum reservoirs and other geological habitats.

Bill Gates richest; Many Hedge fund managers among Forbes Top 400 List

Forbes lists Bill Gates as richest
Billionaires in United States have made more money this year as per the Forbes list of 400 wealthiest Americans. While there are some new entrants to the list, the top positions are mostly held by familiar faces. The entry vault was raised by US $300 million.

New Potential Ways To Fight Aging – U.S. Study

Aging can be delayed
Washington: Scientists had discovered many ways to stimulate the body’s own anti-aging protections maybe with a pill, which could battle various diseases at a time.

The study, which is published in the journal ‘Cell’, helps explicating why animals fed very light foods live a longer life, but it also provides new ways to aspire to reproduce the outcomes of these diets using a pill in place of hunger.

Here’s how children with language impairment face problems

Washington, September 22 : A new study has shown that language impairment may affect a child’s ability to understand and retell a script-based story.

The study, involving a researcher from the University of Alberta, is the first to look into the relationship between language skills and children’s ability to understand things.

When a person experiences an event frequently, for instance going to a restaurant, he remembers the kinds of activities that are part of such event. This is called a ‘script’.

Two US academics seeking to define the kilogram better

Do women really have a ‘mommy’ gene?

Washington, September 22 : A Queen’s researcher has suggested that women’s desire to marry and have children is governed by the genes they inherit from their maternal ancestors, rather than the new found newfound economic independence.

Lonnie Aarssen, a Biology professor who specializes in reproductive ecology, believes that though many women have become more inclined to making their career instead of starting their families, this trend will change in future.