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Britney needs help before ‘anything tragic happens’: Fatone

Washington, Sept 14: Pop star Britney Spears’ old buddy/ pop singer Joey Fatone has expressed a deep concern for his troubled friend after her poor performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept 9, 2007.

The former 'N Sync star asserted that he was shocked to see Britney’s ill-advised stage performance that opened the VMAs in Las Vegas.

Fatone, who was one of Spears' closest friends when she was new in the music industry, urged Britney to seek serious help.

US for peaceful transfer of power in Pak: Negroponte

Islamabad, Sep 14: The United States wants free and fair elections in Pakistan, and a peaceful transfer of power to strengthen democracy in the country, US Deputy Secretary of State, John D Negroponte, has said.

Negroponte briefed Musharraf about progress in the Pakistan-US Strategic Dialogue, Geo TV quoted sources in the presidential camp, as saying.

Musharraf told Negroponte that Pakistan’s commitment to the war on terrorism was beyond doubt, as the fight was in the country’s interest.

Surgeons remove gallbladder through vagina

Washington, Sept 13 (ANI): Surgeons at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center have removed a patient’s gallbladder through the vagina.

The clinical trial was conducted to assess the safety and effectiveness of performing abdominal procedures through the body’s natural openings to eliminate scarring.

‘I’m not Birkhead’s gay lover’, insists Howard K. Stern

Washington, Sept 13: Howard K. Stern, the former lover and lawyer to Anna Nicole Smith, insisted that information suggesting he is Larry Birkhead’s gay love is ‘false’.

He also revealed that there is no videotape portraying himself and Birkhead having sex.

The rumours about the tape were mentioned in the book ‘Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death’ by MSNBC journalist Rita Cosby.

Tommy Lee bids farewell to Motley Crue

Washington, Sep 13 : Rocker Tommy Lee has shattered all hopes of Motley Crue's reunion by quitting the band.

Lee’s decision comes after the filing of an amended complaint, by his three bandmates, against his manager and business partner Carl Stubner.

Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx are demanding 20 million dollars in damages, and argue that Stubner cost them millions by influencing Lee to turn his back on profitable concert dates and concentrate his efforts in two reality TV shows.

Virus that destroys aggressive brain tumour stem cells developed

Brain Tumor