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Here’s how children with language impairment face problems

Washington, September 22 : A new study has shown that language impairment may affect a child’s ability to understand and retell a script-based story.

The study, involving a researcher from the University of Alberta, is the first to look into the relationship between language skills and children’s ability to understand things.

When a person experiences an event frequently, for instance going to a restaurant, he remembers the kinds of activities that are part of such event. This is called a ‘script’.

Two US academics seeking to define the kilogram better

Do women really have a ‘mommy’ gene?

Washington, September 22 : A Queen’s researcher has suggested that women’s desire to marry and have children is governed by the genes they inherit from their maternal ancestors, rather than the new found newfound economic independence.

Lonnie Aarssen, a Biology professor who specializes in reproductive ecology, believes that though many women have become more inclined to making their career instead of starting their families, this trend will change in future.

Meteor crash in Peru causes mysterious illness

Washington, Sept.22 : A mysterious illness has hit a number of residents living near the Lake Titicara in Peru following the crashing of a rare kind of meteorite.

Peruvian researchers have confirmed the origins of the object after studying samples of it at a laboratory in Lima.

Residents, according to the National Geographic, have complained of headaches and nausea, spurring speculation that the explosion was a subterranean geyser eruption or a release of noxious gas from decayed matter underground.

Rapeseed biofuel ‘produces more greenhouse gas than oil or petrol’

Washington, Sept.22 : A renewable energy source designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is contributing more to global warming than fossil fuels, a study has suggested.

Less complex synthetic heparin created

Washington, Sept 22 : Researchers have patented a synthetic version of the drug heparin, called Recomparin, that is less complex chemically and easier to produce than previous forms.

Heparin has loads of advantages such as it helps in preventing clots from forming and restricting the flow of blood during and after procedures such as kidney dialysis, heart-bypass surgery, stent implantation and knee and hip replacement. The annual worldwide sales of the drug are estimated at 3 billion dollars.