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I still feel I haven't had a proper boyfriend yet: Sam Smith

Grammy-winning singer Sam Smith

London - Grammy-winning singer Sam Smith, who recently split from Jonathan Zeizel, feels he has not had a real boyfriend yet.

The 'Stay With Me' hitmaker said he made a mistake in getting the public involved too quickly, reported Evening Standard magazine.

"Nothing dramatic happened. I made a mistake by posting pictures of us on Instagram and making it seem more serious than it was. I flew him to Australia and we had a nice time... We just weren't very compatible, but I've learned that I need to hold off before I start getting the public involved.

"I would say it was a relationship, but I still feel like I haven't had a proper boyfriend yet," he said.

HSBC India at centre of fresh tax evasion claims

HSBC India at centre of fresh tax evasion claims

London - HSBC's Indian banking unit is at the heart of fresh revelations around tax evasion, days after a global expose showed tax dodging through accounts in the British major's Swiss banking unit, a media report said today.

It is alleged that representatives of HSBC India, which has employees based in America, assured customers that details of their accounts would not be reported to tax officials.

The latest revelations came even as the bank issued full-page advertisements in British newspapers as a public apology after reports that its Swiss banking arm had helped some wealthy clients avoid tax.

Benedict Cumberbatch weds Sophie Hunter at the Isle of Wight

Benedict Cumberbatch weds Sophie Hunter at the Isle of Wight

London, Feb 15 - Benedict Cumberbatch tied knot with his fiancee Sophie Hunter in a ceremony on the Isle of Wight.

The 38-year-old 'Sherlock' star and Hunter, said their vows at a small parish church in presence of close friends, family and co-stars from the BBC show, including Martin Freeman, and Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty, the Independent reported.

Back in November, Cumberbatch had gone traditional with his announcement of engagement to Hunter, and had let it out via the classified section of The Times which read "The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Katharine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London."

Lily Allen gets 'rape, beheading' threat by self-proclaimed IS extremist

Lily Allen

London, Feb 14 - Lily Allen recently got threatened about being raped beheaded from a self-proclaimed Islamic State extremist.

The 29-year-old singer, who was a little shaken after receiving the messages, revealed that the man told her to "enjoy everything you get" before detailing how he would kill and defile her corpse, along with a chilling warning that said "I'm actually a terrorist from isis u dumb bitch," the Daily Star reported.

The mum-of-two later figured out the mystery behind the "cool message" and shared that the creep must have gotten her number from hacking Taylor Swift's account

Though earlier it had been unclear whether the message was actually by a real member of the terror group or just something to scare Allen, fans took to Twitter to comfort the star. (ANI)

Anderson backs 'world-class' Morgan post Boycott's criticism

James Anderson

London, Feb 14 - England pace spearhead James Anderson has backed out-of-form skipper Eoin Morgan to regain form, describing him as a world-class and destructive player ahead of the World Cup.

Earlier in the week, former England batsman Geoffrey Boycott had slammed misfiring skipper, calling him as a player who lacks cleverness while facing top-class bowlers of the World.

Boycott said that Morgan was not as good as he thinks.

In response, Anderson said that it was rich coming from him, adding that Morgan was a world-class player and had been for however many games he had played, the Mirror reported.

The right-arm pace bowler further said that they were just hopeful he could get some form as they had seen how destructive he could be when he was in form.

Miranda Kerr enjoying being single

Miranda Kerr enjoying being single

London, Feb 13 : Miranda Kerr has admitted that she loves being single and wants to focus on herself right now.

The Victoria's Secret Angel told Harper's Bazaar Australia that she had always been the girl with the boyfriend, but now she wants to find that comfort within herself and doesn't require anyone else to lift her, the Mirror reported.

The Australian supermodel added that it is always easy for anyone to look to other people to lift up or make feel better about ourselves, but being comfortable within ones own company and not rely on anyone else, is the most important fact of the life.

The 31-year-old model also boldly shared her view on sex and as per her, its better to first know a person well and then only move towards the bed. (ANI)

Facebook introduces new features for users when they die


London, Feb 13 - Facebook has reportedly introduced a new feature that will allow people to have their account deleted permanently when they die or appoint a friend or family member to take care of some aspects of their account.

While bringing in the new feature, Facebook said that the decision was aimed at supporting people who were grieving and those who wanted a say in what happens to their account after death. The social media platform added, "When a person passes away, their account can become a memorial of their life, friendships and experience," reported the BBC.

American females vote Oliver Giroud hottest PL player

American females vote Oliver Giroud hottest PL player

London, Feb 12 : A large group of American females have reportedly voted French striker Oliver Giroud as the hottest player in the Premier League.

Burnely topped the overall league of attractive-ness, with the hottest team overall, and the result from women's polls also formed a Hottest Starting XI, the Mirror reported.

Giroud, Morgan Schneiderlin and Jesus Navas made the cut but the reportedly shocking inclusion was Paul Konchesky.

Giroud officially accepted his award from teammates Mathieu Debuchy and David Ospina who presented the Arsenal striker with the 'Hot or Not' Golden Mirror, the report added. (ANI)

Jury still out on health benefits of drinking

Jury still out on health benefits of drinking

London, Feb 11 : A new study has claimed that health benefits of alcohol may have been over-exaggerated from the reality.

Some studies have suggested that, compared with non-drinkers, moderate consumption of alcohol may protect against cardiovascular disease and bring mortality benefits.

But this association is contentious, with some arguing that the protective effects of light drinking may be exaggerated by "selection biases" in studies that could skew results.

There is also concern about increasing alcohol consumption among older people and risk of alcohol related problems due to impaired metabolism of alcohol with age.

Balotelli finally scores to earn Liverpool 3-2 win over Tottenham in PL

Mario Balotelli

London, Feb 11 - Mario Balotelli finally ended his Premier League goal drought by netting his first goal for Liverpool to edge past rivals Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 at Anfield.

Lazar Markovic put Liverpool ahead in the 15th minute before Harry Kane swiftly scored an equalizer for Spurs with his 23rd goal of an outstanding season.

Subsequently, Steven Gerrard's penalty helped the Brendon Rodgers' men restore the lead before it was leveled again by Mousa Dembele in the 61st minute for Spurs, the BBC reported.

However, striker Balotelli scored the decisive goal for Liverpool with a clinical finish from an Adam Lallana's well-worked cross.

Liverpool are seventh in the table, three points behind fourth-placed Arsenal. (ANI)

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar voted in Greatest ODI XI of all time

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar voted in Greatest ODI XI of all time

London, Feb 10 : Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been voted in the greatest ODI XI of all time, along with Adam Gilchrist, Chris Gayle and Wasim Akram.

The BBC revealed the greatest ODI XI of all time after voters cast their votes over the last week and Tendulkar has been voted as one of the best opening batsman in the greatest one-day team ever.

People voted over the last week for the different components of the team from a list of players nominated by the Test Match Special team, the BBC reported.

The only criterion set was that the players must have appeared in an ODI, with World Cup performances carrying no extra weight.

Elizabeth Hurley shares bare chest selfie on Instagram

Elizabeth Hurley shares bare chest selfie on Instagram

London, Feb 10 : Elizabeth Hurley has shared her revealing pic on Instagram where shared a bare chest selfie just before going on bed for her fans.

The 'Bedazzled' actress posted a selfie of her wearing just a white opened robe and a heart necklace, and was captioned it that she snuggled and ready for something that she didn't mentioned, the Mirror reported.

The 49-year-old actress was recently spotted in purple as she went out for dinner, and will soon be seen as Queen Helena in an upcoming series. (ANI)

Veggie diets help healthier weight loss than crash counterparts

Veggie diets help healthier weight loss than crash counterparts

London, Feb 9 : A recent study has found that eating like a caveman i. e. veggies, can really help in losing large pounds rather than opting for crash diet plans.

The Sky News experiment examined their four viewers on four different diets and observed that Paleo diet resulted best to lose weight over 21 days, the Sky News reported.

Rick Miller, dietician said that often with crash dieting people lose water weight and sometimes muscle mass too, but body fat is exactly what dieticians focus on as it reduces health risk, and vegetarian diet plan helps in achieving the aim.

Diet plans were followed by these four individuals, but accelerate the loss they were also asked to increase their physical activity like running, walking, etc. (ANI)

Dakota Johnson fears '50 Shades' fame may 'destroy her'

Dakota Johnson

London, Feb 9 : Dakota Johnson has revealed that she is scared of her global fame after the release of her upcoming erotic film, ' Fifty Shades of Grey'.

The American star said that being a global icon could destroy her, as everyone in the world will know her and keep an eye on her every move, the Daily Star reported.

The 25-year-old daughter of veteran actor Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson said that when her mom and dad were at the height of their careers things were super-crazy so she thinks that fame is perforated as it can be glorious and also can completely destroy a human.

Johnson admitted that she had doubts about taking the steamy role in E. L James adaptation and even now there are moments when she thinks on what have she done. (ANI)

Man City's Nasri sure Chelsea won't make title-losing mistakes as Kops did last year

Man City's Nasri sure Chelsea won't make title-losing mistakes as Kops did last

London, Feb 09 : Misfiring Manchester City players have been warned by their teammate Samir Nasri that current Premier League leaders Chelsea would not make the same mistakes that helped them clinch the title last season.

Saturday's dismal draw with Hull saw City fall seven points behind Chelsea in the Premier League table. Nasri admitted that his side's performance was simply not good enough.

And the French winger is also concerned that City would not benefit from a late-season collapse like the one suffered by Liverpool last term, the Daily Star reported.

Nasri said that they have to wake up and do the job now before it's too late, adding that Chelsea, with no disrespect, are not Liverpool, who can drop points, insisting that they are really solid.

Scientists develop Octopus-like robot with ultra-fast propulsion

Scientists develop Octopus-like robot with ultra-fast propulsion

Southampton (UK), Feb 9 : Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed an octopus-like robot, which can zoom through water with ultra-fast propulsion and acceleration never before seen in man-made underwater vehicles.

Scientists have built a deformable octopus-like robot with a 3D printed skeleton with no moving parts and no energy storage device, other than a thin elastic outer hull.

Stephen Hawkins warns calling aliens may lead to catastrophe on Earth

Stephen Hawkins warns calling aliens may lead to catastrophe on Earth

London, Feb 9 - Stephen Hawkins has warned the scientists against the idea of calling the aliens and letting them know that we were here.

Scientists have been exploring ways of beaming messages from Earth to aliens in the hope of the ultimate callback are even considering Wikipedia to help them understand human life, but the renowned physicist has disapproved the move, saying that it could lead to catastrophe, the Daily Star reported.

Hawking said that "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans."

The idea, which is the brainchild of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in California, involves powerful radio telescopes which will send the data to nearby stars and planets.

HSBC helped customers across globe evade millions of pounds in tax: Report

HSBC helped customers across globe evade millions of pounds in tax: Report

London, Feb 09 - A report has said that Britain's biggest bank, HSBC, helped its customers evade millions of pounds in tax.

The report was based on details of thousands of accounts from HSBC's private bank in Switzerland, which were leaked by a whistleblower in 2007, reported the BBC.

They showed that bankers helped its customers dodge tax and offered them deals to help them stay ahead of the law.

While admitting that some bank account holders took advantage of bank secrecy to hold undeclared accounts, HSBC said that it has now "fundamentally changed."

The documents, leaked by a computer expert working for HSBC in Geneva in 2007, contained details of about 100,000 clients worldwide. (ANI)

Sam Smith scoops Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album awards at 2015 Grammys

Sam Smith

London, Feb 9 - Sam Smith, who has been nominated for all the major awards at Grammys this year, has grabbed the award for the Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album for 'In The Lonely Hour'.

The American singer has also been nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year, the Independent reported.

The 57th annual Grammy Awards are currently being held at the Nokia Theatre and Staples Center in United States. (ANI)

Oscars nod left Felicity Jones 'speechless'

Oscars nod left Felicity Jones 'speechless'

London, Feb 8 : BAFTA nominated Felicity Jones, who has been nominated at the Oscars this year, said that the nod left her speechless.

'The Theory of Everything' actress said on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' that she was told to get a call at 5:30am for nomination confirmation, but she didn't expect it anyway and decided to sleep so that she doesn't feel bad, the Daily Express reported.

Jones continued that when she woke up she received a call telling her that she has been nominated for the Academy Awards.

The 31-year-old actress later added that she had no words, and she was just feeling so excited and also surprised with the news.

Jones has also received rave reviews for playing Jane Hawking, the former wife of Professor Stephen Hawking, in 'The Theory of Everything'. (ANI)

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