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Even in sandals Elle Macpherson makes fashion statement

Even in sandals Elle Macpherson makes fashion statementLondon, Apr 30 : Aussie model Elle Macpherson has showed that she can still look glam at 45 in a mini dress and sandals.

Macpherson, who is a six-footer, dressed down in a teeny white dress and gold flats at a dinner for American fashion designer Michael Kors at China Tang in the Dorchester hotel.

"Not many 45-year-olds can get away with a mini dress and bare legs but Elle can still carry it off," the Daily Express quoted one admiring guest as saying.

''Stupedia'' highlights pointless facts stuffed in Wikipedia

''Stupedia'' highlights pointless facts stuffed in WikipediaLondon, Apr 30 : Touted as information treasury, Wikipedia is not just pure general knowledge, but it is also home to a big chunk of pointless facts.

Some of such useless extracts from the online encyclopaedia have now been compiled in a new book, titled ''Stupedia: The Most Useless Facts On Wikipedia'', which has left many rolling with their hands on their stomachs, reports The Sun.

Few of the brainless extracts mentioned in ''Stupedia'' are:

1. McDonald''s signs once had only one golden arch.

Now, a food tin that heats contents sans microwave

Now, a food tin that heats contents sans microwaveLondon, April 30 : Busy office workers will no longer have to depend on a microwave to rustle up a hot snack, all thanks to a food tin that warms up its contents.

The Hotcan meal, which costs 3.99-pounds, includes beef casserole, vegetable curry and an all-day breakfast.

Hotcans, based in Chesterfield, Derbys, is also developing a new range of pasta, curry and vegetarian dishes.

The 14oz cans generate heat by mixing water and limestone when a seal on the top is broken.

And it takes no more than 12 minutes to heat up the food.

Average Briton only has three true friends

Average Briton only has three true friendsLondon, April 30 : The average Briton only has three true friends, concludes a new survey.

Most people in the survey claimed to have 16 friends, but 48 per cent admit most of those people are friends ''out of habit''.

The poll of 3,000 Brits by One Poll also found that the typical Briton is left with only three close friends after losing touch with an average of 36 people over the years.

Heidi Montag may strip for Playboy

London, Apr 30 : American actress Heidi Montag is in talks to strip for Playboy magazine, it has emerged.

Added anti-viral boosts response, shortens hepatitis C treatment duration

hepatitisLondon, April 30 : A new study, conducted by researchers at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), has found that adding the anti-viral drug telaprevir to a standard treatment for hepatitis C can shorten the duration of therapy and increase the number of patients who can be cured of their disease.