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Early death risk not enough to make Brits exercise: Survey

London, Sept 17: A survey has revealed that even the threat of an early death due to lack of physical activity is not enough to make Brit adults exercise.

The survey conducted by YouGov revealed that only 38 percent of people questioned were willing to exercise more if their life is depended on it.

Experts also said that people with a healthy weight should also workout in order to avoid health problems later in life.

Keep me out of the limelight: Kate Milddleton tells beau Prince William

London, Sept 17: British royal Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton made her beau promise that he would keep her out of the glare of photogs before agreeing to rekindle their romance.

The couple are back in the UK after a break in the Seychelles, and a pal reveals that the brunette used the holiday to air some of her worries – including the constant media attention on her.

Posh shocks with 'Ninja Turtle' look in Malibu

UK’s border security strengthened by fingerprint technology

London, Sept 16: The border security of the UK has been strengthened, as a record number of fingerprints - over 100,000 a month - are now being collected from foreign nationals overseas applying to come to the country.

William and Kate to visit the Queen in Balmoral

London, Sep 16: It seems that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s retreat to Seychelles last month has paid off, for the two are visiting the Queen and Prince Philip at their Balmoral residence in Scotland next month.

Sources say that though there doesn’t seem to be an engagement announcement in the near future, the couple is still very much in love.

Mobile Phones Have No Harmful Effects On Human Health – The UK MTHR Programme

The UK Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Programme’s report has revealed that mobile phones have no harmful effects on human health or biology.

According to the report, the majority of available evidences relate to short term use, and further research is needed before one can be certain of longer term effects.