Australian study links cot deaths to smoking

Australian study links cot deaths to smoking Sydney  - We already know that smoking in pregnancy results in babies that are around 250 grams lighter than those born to mothers who did not smoke.

And we also know from the statistics that infants in homes where there are smokers are up to four times more likely to succumb to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) - more commonly called cot death.

Researchers in Australia believe they can explain how exposure to tobacco smoke impacts on the brains of babies.

Australians tested for swine flu

Australians tested for swine flu Sydney  - Two Australians recently returned from a trip to Mexico are in a Queensland hospital with symptoms similar to the deadly swine flu, officials said Monday.

"We do have two cases overnight of people checking into hospital whose symptoms are being tested," Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told reporters in Brisbane. "Clearly, this is a very serious disease, and we are taking it very seriously."

In Sydney, two people checked into hospital to have flu-like symptoms checked after returning from Mexico.

Australia captures another refugee boat

How about a fixed-term marital contract renewable every 5-10 years!Sydney - Australian authorities intercepted a boat carrying 54 illegal immigrants Saturday near Ashmore Reef off the north coast. It was the eighth refugee boat to arrive so far this year, one more than the tally for the whole of 2008.

The 54 asylum seekers and two crew members were stopped 900 kilometres from Darwin and taken aboard the patrol boat HMAS Albany, They are being transported to Australia's Indian Ocean territory of Christmas Island for processing.

On Wednesday 32 Sri Lankan migrants arrived off the west coast.

Australia berates tennis federation over India call

International Tennis FederationSydney - Australia declared Saturday it would boycott next month's Davis Cup tie against India in Chennai over security concerns after the International Tennis Federation (ITF) rejected its request for a neutral venue. The ITF insisted the May 8-10 matches go ahead, warning Tennis Australia (TA) of sanctions if its team stayed home.

TA head Geoff Pollard said it was "unreasonable" to expect the team to play in India during elections.

Davis Cup captain John Fitzgerald also criticized the ITF, saying "some thought must be given to the players' safety."

Soon, you can both drink and drive your car on tequila!

Soon, you can both drink and drive your car on tequila!Sydney, Apr 25 : It is known for fuelling many wild party nights, and now tequila will power your car too, that's what researchers in southeast Queensland say.

Scientists believe that the plant, Agave tequilana, which fuels tequila madness, can trigger internal combustion engines.

Central Queensland University''''s Professor Nanjappa Ashwath has said that agave, which is used to make the potent spirit, is one of the most water-efficient plants in the world and has the potential to create ethanol.

Men’s sex spray can cure women’s fake orgasms

Men’s sex spray can cure women’s fake orgasmsSydney, Apr 25 : A spray, initially sold as a cure for men's erectile problems, can improve sex lives of millions of women, who regularly have to fake orgasms, say its promoters.

Jack Vaisman, the chief executive of Advanced Medical Institute, has said that the "nasal spray technology" can boost ladies' flagging sex-drive.

Costing 4000 pounds for men, the treatments would now be marketed to women using the slogan: "Stop faking, get real."