Net surfing same as looking out the office window

Net surfing same as looking out the office window Sydney - Workplaces that try and stop employees using their computers for blogging, online shopping, social networking and other private purposes might be making a mistake, an Australian researcher says.

Around a quarter of Australian firms try and prevent workers from going online during company time by blocking YouTube, Facebook and other entertainment sites and threatening retribution for errant surfers.

Australians told to consider themselves lucky in recession

Australians told to consider themselves lucky in recession Sydney - Australia's economy will contract 1.4 per cent this year - but almost all other developed economies will shrink more, Treasurer Wayne Swan said Thursday.

He was commenting on an update from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that forecasts an economic slump and Australian unemployment rising to 7.8 per cent by 2010.

Swan said the outlook "is a much milder contraction than expected in almost every other advanced economy, which combined are expected to contract by an unprecedented 3.8 per cent in 2009."

Gamblers cheer as Australia's economy crashes

Gamblers cheer as Australia's economy crashesSydney - Gamblers who tipped that the government was wrong and that Australia would fall into recession this year were rewarded with big pay-outs Wednesday from internet betting agency Centrebet.

Centrebet financial analyst Neil Evans said the smart money had always been on the economy contracting in two consecutive quarters and that astute gamblers had always discounted claims that billion-dollar stimulus packages would keep the economy growing.

This week Prime Minister Kevin Rudd conceded he was wrong and that the economy would indeed go backwards in 2009.

Terror threat could shorten cricketers'' careers: Lanka coach

Terror threat could shorten cricketers'' careers: Lanka coachSydney, Apr. 21 : The threat of terrorism could lead to some cricketers cutting short their international careers, said Sri Lanka coach Trevor Bayliss.

Bayliss was in the team bus that came under attack in Lahore last month from terrorists, believed the fear of future attacks could lead to players curtailing their careers.

Australia drops bid for 2015 Rugby World Cup

Australia drops bid for 2015 Rugby World CupSydney  - Australia cannot afford to host the 2015 Rugby World Cup and may not bid for the 2019 competition either, Australian Rugby Union chief executive John O'Neill said Tuesday.

O'Neil said the International Rugby Board (IRB) was insisting the host assume all costs as well as a tournament guarantee fee.

As well as financial concerns were the time constraints, because the IRB will announce the 2015 and 2019 hosts on July 28, six years before the first tournament and 10 years before the next.

Elle Macpherson’s ‘diva-like’ antics in Sydney

Elle Macpherson’s ‘diva-like’ antics in SydneyMelbourne, Apr 20: Elle Macpherson was up to her diva-like antics during her stay in Sydney.

Elle, who was busy enjoying her stay in Sydney with her 2 kids Flynn, 10, and Cy, 5, seemed to in her trademark snooty mood when she was asked how was her stay in the city.

To which she replied complaining the question made her feel she was giving an interview.

However, later she said she enjoyed her stay, reports the Daily Telegraph.