Swiss company opens multimillion-dollar research centre in China

Basel, Switzerland  - Swiss-based international seed and pesticide firm Syngenta said Thursday it plans to open a multimillion-dollar research and technology centre for the development of genetical

Dragging on - the struggle to ban smoking in Switzerland

smoking banBerne, Switzerland- The land of health spas, muesli and mountain

Competition and new choices in the hatchback segment

C-SegmentGeneva - Car makers are launching a spate of new models in the hatchback or c-segment this

Nestle sells minority share in eye care giant to Novartis

Basel, SwitzerlandNestle - Nestle announced Monday it is to sell a 25 per cent stake in its eye care

Musharraf fails to answer "tricky questions" at Davos

President Pervez MuhsarrafDavos (Switzerland), Jan.

Pakistan may have hung parliament after Feb polls: Musharraf

Davos (Switzerland), Jan.