Riots in Swiss cities during May Day marches

switzerland flagZurich/Lausanne, Switzerland - Police and anti-capitalist protestors

Albert Hofmann, discoverer of the psychedelic drug LSD, dies at 102

Basel, Switzerland  - Swiss scientist, Albert Hofmann, who discovered the mind-bending drug LSD that paved the way for the 1960s acid culture, has died, it was announced Wednesday. He was 102.

Infiniti extends model range in Europe with FX37

Geneva  - The luxury brand Infiniti is extending its model range in Europe with the downsized V6 FX37 that will be on sale from October together with the G37 limousine, G37 coupe and the FX50 that

Tax evasion, bank secrecy themes as Merkel visits Switzerland

Berlin  - German Chancellor Angela Merkel is likely to raise the contentious issue of tax evasion and Swiss bank secrecy when she visits Berne this week, the official government spokesman said Mond

Swiss Minister on week-long visit to India

New Delhi, Switzerland’s Economic Minister Doris Leuthard

Credit Suisse reports bigger-than-forecast loss

Zurich - Switzerland's second biggest bank Credit Suisse reported Thursday a bigger-than-expected first quarter loss as well as another 5.3 billion Swiss francs (5.2 billion) in write-downs of risk