Swiss designer Wettstein dead at 50

Zurich - Swiss interior designer Hannes Wettstein has died at age 50, friends of the family confirmed Sunday following a newspaper report. 

Swiss Mindset to build super lightweight eco-car in 2009

Lucerne, Switzerland - The Swiss Mindset AG company has announced that it is planning to produce its super lightweight eco- car fitted with hybrid drive, two gull-wing doors and narrow 22-inch wheels by 2009.

Designed by Volkswagen's former design director, Murat Gunak, who was appointed Mindset CEO, the prototype features design aspects from the hatchback and coupe with a long bonnet and rectangular rear with glass roof.

The round headlights are similar to the sports car design of the 1950s and 1960s.

Mindset, a company set up by Spirt Avert AG, is engaged in the development of a so-called "alternative automobile concept" at a time of rising oil prices and widespread measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Europe.

Why deadly Dutch left France gasping By Barry Whelan

Netherlands coach Marco van Basten can bask in the glory of two famous victories over the two 2006 World Cup finalists, knowing at least one of them and possibly both will be heading home from Euro

Al-Qaeda "planning Euro 2008 attack"

Fribourg, Switzerland  - Calls by Al-Qaeda extremists to attack Switzerland and Austria during Euro 2008 are being taken seriously by authorities, a senior Swiss security official said.

Messages on "sos minbar" and "As-Sahab", two internet sites favoured by the terrorist group and calling for attacks on the two host nations, had multiplied in recent weeks, the official was quoted as saying by La Liberte daily published Thursday.

"We are taking these threats seriously," he said.

Riots in Swiss cities during May Day marches

switzerland flagZurich/Lausanne, Switzerland - Police and anti-capitalist protestors

Albert Hofmann, discoverer of the psychedelic drug LSD, dies at 102

Basel, Switzerland  - Swiss scientist, Albert Hofmann, who discovered the mind-bending drug LSD that paved the way for the 1960s acid culture, has died, it was announced Wednesday. He was 102.