An artist spearheads a ''bloody campaign'' for freedom of Tibet

Shimla, Feb 5 : In a unique effort to create awareness for the Tibetan cause, Dr. Mahesh Yadav, an artist-cum-crusader, has drawn portraits and letters sketched and scribbled with his own blood here.

Dr. Mahesh Yadav, who has started the campaign for freedom of Tibetan at Bhopal on December 25 last year, reached Shimla, and exhibited his blood-made creations on Tuesday.

Earlier, he exhibited them at Dharamshala.

He feels that the new US president would help to find a peaceful solution for the Tibetan movement.

"The new US President Barak Obama can give new direction to the world. We are hopeful that Obama will do something for Tibet. Earlier also, I made a portrait of Obama and draft an appeal with my own blood. We are very much hopeful that Obama will put some pressure on China," said Dr. Yadav.

The 45-year-old medical practitioner Yadav has been campaigning for the last thirteen years, in his own unique way, by writing letters and painting pictures of renowned freedom fighters using blood drawn from his own his body, all the in the cause of Tibet''s freedom.

He claims to have written several ''blood-written-letters'' to President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh urging them to find a peaceful solution for the Tibetan freedom struggle.

He has also written letters scribbled in blood to the United Nations and apex body of Human Rights at Geneva, for the Tibetan cause.

Reportedly, Mahesh has written around 6,000 letters and sketched 600 portraits over the past one decade.

This unique crusader has drawn the attention of almost all the Tibetans who in turn have appreciated his sacrifice of vital fluid for their cause.

Tibetans believe that Yadav''s unique campaign would attract the attention of Americans.

"Yadav''s blood campaign and his appeal to Obama, will get more support from the American people as well. The new president will also get more support for the issue of Tibet," said Nawang, a Tibetan Welfare Officer at the Central Tibetan Administration.

The Tibetans'' campaign assumed an added thrust after the widespread uprising in Tibet in March 2008. (ANI)