Pak lawmaker says seven million tribesmen will resist India’s aggression

Miranshah (Pakistan), Dec. 15: A member of Pakistan's National Assembly from North Waziristan, Muhammad Kamran Khan, has warned India that seven million tribesmen would fight alongside the armed forces of Pakistan if India attacks citing the Mumbai terror strike as an excuse.

Kamran expressed these views while speaking at a Parents Day function at the Al Hamid Public School in Shiwah, reports the Daily Times.

He warned that the tribesmen would follow their ancestors and give India a crushing defeat.

He also appealed to the Pakistan Government to stop military operations against tribesmen and urged the latter to educate their children instead of giving them guns.

6 killed in first suspected US drone strike outside FATA

Miranshah (NWFP), Nov 20 : In what is being described as the first drone attack outside the tribal areas, six persons, including a major Arab Al Qaeda operative, in an overnight missile strike by a suspected US drone in Bannu district of NWFP.

A senior security official reportedly said that the suspected US drone attack came despite repeated warnings from Pakistan that such attacks were in violation of international law and Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Security sources identified the Al Qaeda terrorist who died in the attack as Abdullah Azam Al-Saudi, who they said US intelligence officials had identified as the main link between Al Qaeda’s senior command and Taliban networks in the Pakistani border region.

US drone strike kills 5 in North Waziristan

Miranshah, Oct 12: A missile strike by a suspected US spy drone hit a compound in a Pakistan’s tribal area bordering Afghanistan late Saturday killing five people.

“Two missiles struck a compound just outside Miranshah which killed five people and injured 2 who were shifted to nearby hospital,” The News quoted a security official, as saying on the condition of anonymity. 

Earlier on October 9, at least seven people, including three foreigners, were killed in a missile attack by a suspected US drone, 20 kilometres east of Miranshah, local witnesses had said.

The attack on Ghundai village in North Waziristan Agency targeted the house of Muhammad Sultan, son of Zaley Gul.

“No top Qaeda leader killed in Waziristan drone strike”

“No top Qaeda leader killed in Waziristan drone strike”Miranshah (Pakistan), Oct 5 : If unidentified field agents and informants of the Pakistan Army are to be believed, the dead in yesterday’s US drone attack in Waziristan did not include any top tier Al Qaeda figure.

According to them, among the 20 dead were eight Arabs and 14 Taliban, including commander Haqqani who had invited the Arabs for a dinner after Eid.

Besides the commander, his father and two young sons were also killed in the attack, said officials.

Pak tribesmen vow to support Army to thwart US strikes

Pak tribesmen vow to support Army to thwart US strikesMiranshah (Pak), Sept 14 : Amid the recent increase in the number of air raids by the US-led NATO forces from across the Afghan border, the tribal elders in North Waziristan in Pakistan have reportedly vowed to defend the country’s frontiers by fighting alongside security forces against any ‘possible American attack’.

They said that if the American forces did not stop attacking the Tribal Areas, they would feel the repercussions of such attacks in Kabul, Bagram and Kandahar, reported the Daily Times.

Four children, woman, man killed in Pak in ‘US drone attack’

MiranshahMiranshah (Pakistan), Sept 6: Four children, a woman and a man were killed in Pakistan’s Miranshah tribal area when a suspected US drone hit two houses here on Friday morning.

Miranshah is located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in North Waziristan.

“Three missiles were fired from a drone that hit two houses. Four children, a woman and a man have been killed in the attack,” the Daily Times quoted Pakistan intelligence officials as saying on condition of anonymity.