Men pose nude for library calendar

BARRE, Mass., Dec. 1  -- The creators of a calendar featuring nude men from Barre, Mass., said 80 locals -- some as old as 90 -- posed to raise money for the local library.

Suzanne Fullam said she put forth the idea of a Woods Memorial Library fundraising calendar, which features men from the town posing nude with items related to their professions covering their private areas, after hearing about a similar project in another town from a coworker at the Barre Ambulance Service, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

Fullam said library officials gave the go-ahead in January and the first man she approached to pose for the calendar was her husband Charlie.

Scientists take a step closer to grow human organs in a lab

Scientists take a step closer to grow human organs in a lab A new step in the science of physiology has been taken by the scientists as they have developed a structure that can support beating heart muscle, which brightens the possibility that human organs could be grown in the laboratory in near future.  

The scientists have developed a non-living material which they call "scaffold", which is strong enough to hold the organ tissue in place. Astonishingly, it has been designed in such a manner that it degrades in two months to leave the organ behind.