Massachusetts’ economic development package includes sports betting

Massachusetts’ economic development package includes sports betting

An economic development package designed to provide a much needed boost to the struggling economy of the state of Massachusetts by generating new jobs will reportedly include measures to legalize s

MIT researchers develop futuristic low cost “Virus Batteries”

MIT researchers develop futuristic low cost “virus batteries”You could be using “virus batteries” to power your cars, cell phones, or other electronic devices, sometime in future! Well, the researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have announced that they have developed futuristic low cost batteries using viruses.

Mass. gun show charged in boy's death

WESTFIELD, Mass., Dec. 4  -- The father of a Connecticut boy who accidentally shot himself to death at a gun show had no comment on indictments handed down in the case.

The club that sponsored the show and the police chief in the city of Pelham were charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of 8-year-old Christophe Bizilj, who was struck in the head with a round from a submachine gun he was allowed to test fire at an expo in October.

A spokesman for the hospital where Dr. Charles Bizilj, the boy's father, works told ABCNews. com that there would be no immediate comment.

Men pose nude for library calendar

BARRE, Mass., Dec. 1  -- The creators of a calendar featuring nude men from Barre, Mass., said 80 locals -- some as old as 90 -- posed to raise money for the local library.

Suzanne Fullam said she put forth the idea of a Woods Memorial Library fundraising calendar, which features men from the town posing nude with items related to their professions covering their private areas, after hearing about a similar project in another town from a coworker at the Barre Ambulance Service, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

Fullam said library officials gave the go-ahead in January and the first man she approached to pose for the calendar was her husband Charlie.

Scientists take a step closer to grow human organs in a lab

Scientists take a step closer to grow human organs in a lab A new step in the science of physiology has been taken by the scientists as they have developed a structure that can support beating heart muscle, which brightens the possibility that human organs could be grown in the laboratory in near future.  

The scientists have developed a non-living material which they call "scaffold", which is strong enough to hold the organ tissue in place. Astonishingly, it has been designed in such a manner that it degrades in two months to leave the organ behind.