Pak journalist association confers Freedom Award on Sherry Rehman

Pak journalist association confers Freedom Award on Sherry RehmanKarachi, Mar. 28 : Pakistan's former Information and Broadcasting Minister Sherry Rehman has been awarded the `Freedom Award' by the Association of Television Journalists.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch and opening of the office of the association, Rehman said she always supported the cause of the media, and believed in its freedom.

She used the opportunity to call on the major political forces in the country to bury their differences and work for Pakistan's development.

‘UK, US involvement in political crisis left negative impact on Pak’

‘UK, US involvement in political crisis left negative impact on Pak’Karachi, Mar. 23 : The Pakistan People's Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz have left a negative impact on the nation by involving the US, UK and the national army in the political crisis, Jamiat Ulema Islam- Fazlur Rehman (JUI-F) Secretary General Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Hyderi has said.

Addressing a reception ceremony, Hyderi claimed that Sharif had an agreement with Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari post Musharraf regime.

Taliban ask NGOs to get out from Swat

Taliban ask NGOs to get out from SwatKarachi, Mar. 23: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has virtually imposed a ban on all the non-governmental organizations (NGO) working in the Swat Valley, as it has asked them to leave the region immediately.

The TTP has said the way of working of the NGO’s was against Islam and it is not acceptable to it.

“NGO is another name for vulgarity and obscenity. They hire women who work with men in the field and in offices. This is totally un-Islamic and unacceptable,” TTP spokesman, Muslim Khan said.

Khan strongly opposed the presence of foreigners in the region.

Install Vishindas’s statue at Karachi Municipal''s Building : Omer Soomro

KarachiKarachi, Mar. 22 : Noted Pakistan lawyer Omer Soomro has asked the district administration to re-erect the statue of Harchandrai Vishindas at the Municipal Building here.

Soomroo, in his letter to the Karachi city Nazim Mustafa Kamal said that the statue of Vishindas must be relocated to its rightful and original place.

Vishindas's statue was earlier removed from the Karachi Municipal Building, however, it was later restored and kept at the Mohatta Palace Museum.

Harchandrai Vishindas is considered as the father of modern Karachi. He was the president of the Karachi municipal corporation from 1911 to 1921.

Mehdi Hassan to be discharged from hospital soon, family unable to pay medical bills

Legendry ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan Karachi, Mar. 22 : Legendry ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan may soon be discharged from the hospital, but would require a 24 hour nursing care at home too.

While Pakistan Government has shown concern over the health of the sick `Shahenshah-e-Ghazal' Mehdi Hassain with President Asif Ali Zardari and the Chief Minister of Sindh providing one million rupees and 250,000 rupees respectively for the treatment, his family members said they are finding it hard to pay the medical bills, Dawn reports.

Pakistan arrests 31 Indian fishermen on charges of violation of sea limits

Pakistan arrests 31 Indian fishermen on charges of violation of sea limitsKarachi, Mar. 22 : Pakistan's Maritime Security Agency (MSA) has arrested 31 Indian fishermen along with their five fishing boats on charges of violating the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the country in the Arabian Sea.

"Indian fishermen and their five fishing vessels were caught by the Maritime Security Agency when they were fishing illegally on eastern side of the Pakistani EEZ," MSA spokesperson Lieutenant Commander Shakeel Ahmed Khan said.