Taliban ask NGOs to get out from Swat

Taliban ask NGOs to get out from SwatKarachi, Mar. 23: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has virtually imposed a ban on all the non-governmental organizations (NGO) working in the Swat Valley, as it has asked them to leave the region immediately.

The TTP has said the way of working of the NGO’s was against Islam and it is not acceptable to it.

“NGO is another name for vulgarity and obscenity. They hire women who work with men in the field and in offices. This is totally un-Islamic and unacceptable,” TTP spokesman, Muslim Khan said.

Khan strongly opposed the presence of foreigners in the region.

“They come and tell us how to make lavatories in mosques and houses. I’m sure we can do it ourselves. There is no need for foreigners to tell us this,” The Daily Times quoted Khan, as saying.

When asked that why the Taliban has been opposing the polio vaccination, Khan said: “It (vaccination) causes infertility.”

He added that the major reason why the Taliban was against the vaccination is that the vaccines were manufactured in foreign countries, and the vaccination program was run by NGO’s. (ANI)