Doha Round Should Be Concluded Soon, Says Kamal Nath

Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath said that the Doha Round of world trade discussions is closer to conclusion.

“It is closer than ever before to being closed,” Mr. Nath said.

While lecturing at the Fortune Global Forum, a meeting of superior Fortune 500 CEOs, Nath sounded out, “I believe the Doha Round can be closed successfully by respecting each other’s sensitivities. I understand the United States has sensitivities on certain issues. On the other hand, a large number of developing and vulnerable economies also have some concerns that need to be respected.”

Henry Paulson, US treasury secretary, who also addressed the meeting, told that the Doha Round is the single vital topic on which both the United States and India can get together.

India, Bangladesh close to solve border disputes

New Delhi, Oct 30 : India and Bangladesh will soon solve their border disputes, it has been learnt.
The disclosure comes after the end of the five-days bilateral border talks between the two South Asian neighbours.
New Delhi has requested Bangladesh to destruct over 140 Indian rebel camps that are operating from that country, the BBC said in a report.
Dhaka has given assurances that it will destroy bases of Harkatul Jihad Islamist militants, Indian officials said.
Dhaka has also requested New Delhi to hand over some 1,600 wanted criminals who are taking refuge in India.

“Science Express” launched by India and Germany

New Delhi, Oct 30 : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said that the “Science Express”, an exhibition which is the result of a partnership in science and technology between India and Germany, will

India asks Bangladesh to hand over 112 North-East rebels

New Delhi, Oct 30 : India has given Bangladesh a list of 112 separatist rebels from the North-East, who have allegedly crossed the border, urging it to hand over them to New Delhi.

India visit will boost bilateral ties: Angela Merkel

New Delhi, Oct 30 : German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is on her first trip to India, today said that her visit will boost the economic, scientific and strategic partnership between India and Ger

Science Express flagged off to mark science and technology cooperation between India and Germany

New Delhi, Oct 30 : Prime Minister Dr.