India, EU to strengthen science and technology cooperation

New Delhi, Nov 30: India and the European Union will strengthen their science and technology cooperation and chart out new areas for strategic partnership at the eighth Indo-EU Summit here today.

Scientists stress on preventive strategies to fight eco migrations

Berlin, Nov 27: A new study by scientists has stressed on preventive strategies to minimize the impact of environmental migrations due to climate change.

Ruins of late-Roman-era fortress found in Bulgaria

Sofia, Nov 14: Archaeologists have found ruins of a late-Roman-era fortress during an excavation in Svalenik village, nowadays Northern Bulgaria.

One in three European freshwater fish facing extinction

Washington, Nov 3 : New data has revealed that many freshwater fish in Europe face the danger of extinction.

Nazi doctors’ training college in Germany up for sale

London, Sept.27 : A manor house in an idyllic north-east German village, which was once used as a college to train Third Reich doctors’, is up for sale.

According to The Times, these trained doctors went on to sterilise “sub-humans” - the mentally and physically handicapped, and gypsy women, and ran a terrifyingly thorough euthanasia programme.

Now, the cash-strapped elders of Alt Rehse where the manor house, which trained about 20,000 doctors is located, want to get rid of the house.

ESA’s ‘Don Quijote’ to search for small, earth threatening asteroids

Paris, Sept 21 : The European Space Agency (ESA) has embarked on a ‘Don Quijote’ mission that would chart out the trajectory of small asteroids to see if these rocky bodies are in line with a collision with Earth in the future.

The Don Quijote mission is a project based in two phases.

The first phase will see a spacecraft rendezvous with an asteroid and go into orbit around it. It would monitor the asteroid for several months, precisely determining its position, shape, mass and gravity field.