Serbian priest "beats up his mistress"

Serbian priest "beats up his mistress"Belgrade

European Commission unveils 'economic recovery' budget

EuropeBrussels - The European Commission on Wednesday approved spending plans worth 138.6 billion euros (183.4 billion dollars) for 2010, with nearly half of the European Union's shared resources being devoted to promoting economic growth at a time of recession. The preliminary draft budget's total spending plans represent a 3.8 per cent increase on 2009, with the bloc's 27 member states committing 1.18 per cent of their gross national income (GNI) to the EU executive in Brussels.

National governments are in return set to receive 122.3 billion euros, or 1.04 per cent of their GNI, from Brussels.

Greece launches anti-smoking campaign ahead of July ban

anti-smoking campaignAthens - Greece, one of Europe's heaviest smoking nations, on Wednesday launched a six month anti-smoking campaign ahead of a ban outlawing smoking in most public places from July 1. The new ban should have a big impact in a nation where nearly 45 per cent of the adult population smokes, and where smoking in offices and cafes is seen as both traditional and acceptable.

"With the drafting of a national action plan against smoking, our country has acquired a targeted and strategic policy for the promotion and safeguarding of public health," said Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos.

Economic mood in Europe rises boosting recovery hopes

Bad ArolsenBerlin- Economic confidence in Europe bounced back in April, according to key report released Wednesday, adding to hopes that the region might now have passed the trough in the current downturn. In a major test of the mood in Europe, the European Commission's closely watched economic sentiment indicator for the 16-member eurozone rose from a record low of 64.7 in March to 67.2 in April, to reach its highest level since January.

However, low inflation means that the European Central Bank is likely to press on next month with its rate-cutting cycle.

Samsung’s first Android phone to hit European markets in June

WHO: No need for travel, pork import restrictions

WHO: No need for travel, pork import restrictionsGeneva - World Health Organization officials reiterated Tuesday that travel restrictions would not help stem the spread of the swine influenza virus, which was possibly spreading in the form of human-to-human transmission. "Border controls don't work, screenings don't work," said spokesman Gregory Hartl, speaking to reporters in Geneva. "Travel restrictions do not help."

The incubation period of the virus, which could be for up to six days, as well as the widespread nature, would make spot checks at airports, for example, ineffective.