Nine survivors found four days after plane crash in Chile

Nine survivors found four days after plane crash in ChileSantiago  - Chilean Air Force commandos rescued Wednesday nine survivors of a weekend single-engine plane crash in Patagonia.

Acting Interior Minister Felipe Harboe confirmed that pilot Nelson Bahamondes - aged 60 and with 16,000 hours of flying in the area - was the only fatal victim of the accident.

The small plane, a Cessna 208 Caravan, crashed Saturday on a steep forest in Patagonia, some 15 kilometres from the village of La Junta and some 1,600 kilometres south of Chilean capital.

Over 1.8 million Chileans without drinking water due to storm

Over 1.8 million Chileans without drinking water due to stormSantiago  - Over 1.8 million people were without drinking water Friday in Santiago, due to the effects of a rain and wind storm that has affected a large area in the centre and the south of Chile since Tuesday.

The interruption of water supply - which was not expected to be restored before Saturday - affected the Metropolitan Santiago neighbourhoods of Coinchali, Independencia, Recoleta, La Cisterna, San Bernardo, San Ramon, El Bosque, La Pintana, Nunoa, Penalolen, Las Condes and Macul.

Archaeologists find 238-yr-old Spanish shipwreck in Chile

Santiago (Chile), May 20: A private archaeological excavation firm has discovered the remains of a 238-year-old shipwrecked Spanish galleon on the coast near the Chilean town of Curepto, located in Chile's Region VII.

According to a report in The Santiago Times, the Spanish galleon, named “Our Lady of the Good Council and San Leopoldo” was discovered by Oriflama S. A, a private archaeological excavation firm.

The Oriflama S. A’s scientific team found the ship through the use of magnetomentry, a methodology using a machine that detects materials with magnetic properties, like iron.

Most archaeologists expected to find the remains of the ship deep on the ocean floor.

More than 5,000 evacuated after volcanic eruption in Chile

More than 5,000 evacuated after volcanic eruption in ChileSantiago - More than 5,000 people had been evacuated as of Monday in southern Chile, following the eruption of the Chaiten volcano.

On Monday, authorities evacuated the town of Futaleufu, some 60 kilometres from the volcano. Residents of the town of Chaiten had been evacuated over the weekend.

Futaleufu was covered with up to 20 centimetres of ash that had partially become a hardened crust as the result of recent rain, Mayor Arturo Carvallo told the daily El Tiempo.

Eruption of Machimahuida volcano covers Chilean villages in ashes

SantiagoSantiago - The eruption of the Machimahuida volcano in southern Chile left thousands of people in darkness, as ash saturated the air.

"There was no visibility whatsoever, it seemed like it was night- time," said Arturo Carvallo, the mayor of the town of Futaleufu.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet called for residents to remain calm. In 1991, people in the same area, around the town of Chaiten, saw the Hudson volcano further to the south bury crops, woods and animals under tonnes of ash.

New Zealand dairy giant takes full control of Chile company

Wellington - New Zealand's Fonterra Co-operative GroupNew Zealand's Fonterra Co-operative Group - the world's biggest single exporter of dairy products - announced Tuesday that it is taking its stake in Chile's Soprole company to 99.4 per cent.

Fonterra, which already owns 56.85 per cent of Soprole, said it will buy an additional 42.6 per cent shareholding from Fundacion Isabel Aninat, a Roman Catholic charitable foundation controlled by the Vatican, for 201.9 million US dollars.

Fonterra said that final details of the deal were expected to be completed over the next few days.

President Pratibha Patil visits Chile school funded by India

President Pratibha PatilSantiago (Chile), April 23: President Pratibha Patil on Tuesday inaugurated a science laboratory at Escuela Republica De La India School, which is funded by India. On the occasion, she donated 30,000 dollars for the modernization of the school.

The school conducts classes from grades one to eight with emphasis on Indian culture, and has a total strength of 790 students, taught by 29 teachers.

The School is located in the municipality of Quinta Normal, which is in the central sector of Santiago. It receives an annual grant of Rs. 50,000 from New Delhi.

President Pratibha Patil reaches Chile

Santiago (Chile), President Pratibha PatilApr 21: After completed her successful tour to Brazil and Mexico, President Pratibha Patil, on her third and final leg of visit to Latin American countries, reached Chile’s Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, Santiago on Air India’s special aircraft late last evening.

At the airport, Indian ambassador at Santiago Susmita G. Thomas received her, even as Indian children standing in a row offered flowers and greeted the President.

During her three-day tour in Chile, India would be signing four agreements with Chile, including one on air services links, science, sports and Antarctica.

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