Police Officer charged for Murder of Black Man

Police officer Michael Slager killed Walter Scott, 50, on Saturday after shooting him five times. The police officer first shot him with a stun gun and fired at least eight shots as Scott was running away.

The police officer was charged for the murder of an unarmed black man on Tuesday. It could be clearly seen in a video that surfaced later after somebody captured it on a cellphone that Slager methodically shot the fleeing Scott in the back.

An analysis published in Columbia-based newspaper The State has indicated that South Carolina police officers have shot 209 suspects in the past five years. Nearly 100,000 residents reside in North Charleston and it's a city at the third position when it comes to a history of being lenient with its police officers.

The media outlet said that complaints often emerged against police officers for killing illegally, but no conviction ever resulted for any wrongdoing. The police department in North Charleston has 340 officers at its disposal. It is deprived of certified back applicants, said the city's mayor, Keith Summey to a press conference on Wednesday.

According to the justice department, nearly 80% of North Charleston's police officers are white. The legal action against Slager didn't require protests, riots or cries for justice.

"The situation that led to the alleged murder of Walter Scott by a white police officer . . . is sadly indicative of the crisis created by the growing criminalization of poverty in America", said Karen Dolan, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and director of the Criminalization of Poverty Project.

Murder charges have been imposed on Slager and he has also been fired from the force.