Photographs show mess occupiers left at Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon
Photographs show mess occupiers left at Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon

The federal Fish and Wildlife Service’s Flickr page has some pictures that look like a destroyed office, a severely disorganized farm, probably a deserted construction area or a specifically messy recreation room in somebody’s home.

However, federal officials have said that the photographs are of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon, which they have captured in February, following the 40-day occupation by armed protesters headed by Ammon and Ryan Bundy. The standoff resulted in the death of a protester and minimal 25 others have been facing federal charges in relation with the occupation.

The posted images don’t have any captions, but they shed slight light on how the protesters used to live while they had occupied the site, and what they did when the standoff headed towards an end.

In the beginning the occupiers guaranteed the authorities that they have been taking full care of the refuge, but with the passage of time they added that the fast departure of a few protesters had destabilized the maintenance operations.

The photos feature an instant cocoa box with miniature marshmallows present alongside some dirty electrical equipment and a huge pile of loose tobacco over a cardboard box. They also showcase garbage, destroyed electronics, discarded outdoor gear and stale food. When media visited the place, the journalists were suggested to avoid the human feces spread all over the premises.

Referring to the extent of damages, Jason Holm, a spokesman for the Fish and Wildlife Service, said that according to him the photos haven’t done justice to it.

Mr. Holm verified that a picture of a huge jagged hole, apparently dug using a backhoe, displayed an open latrine. He said, “We’ve had to actually repaint buildings with specialized paint because they smell so bad”. While describing the refuge after the occupiers had left, he compared the site with a house after a wild party, along with the weapons.

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