Petition filed in Pak SC for trial of Musharraf on charges of sedition

Petition filed in Pak SC for trial of Musharraf on charges of seditionLahore, Mar. 25 : Following the reinstatement of deposed judiciary in the country, former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf is headed for some trouble as a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court (SC) seeking his trial on the charges of sedition.

A petition filed by one Zahid Hussain Malik accuses General Musharraf of disseminating subversion of the Constitution by appointing the PCO's after dismissing superior judges including the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

The petition asks for trial of the former President through Courts Martial under Pakistan Army Act for savagely violating the provisions relating to officers of the Army, The Nations reports.

It also states that all the persons who assisted General Musharraf to carry out his illegal activities should also be punished according to the law of the country.

The apex court has been requested to bar General Musharraf from moving out of Pakistan.

Malik, in his petition has also tabled the order passed by a seven-member bench of the Supreme Court to suspend operation of the PCO on November 3, 2007, stating that those who acted against this order were liable for the contempt of the court.

The petition further states that the matter is of high public importance as it involves violation of fundamental rights with respect to access to freedom and independent judiciary enshrined under Articles 9,10, 14, and 26.

Earlier, the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association (PESA) demanded that Musharraf be stripped-off from all the special privilege he is being receiving from the Pak Army.

The association, in a special meeting, also decided to constitute a special committee to make a proposal for the trial of former president Musharraf for violating the Constitution and committing various other crimes, and a general body meeting in this regard would be held on March 28 under the chairmanship of Admiral (retired) Fasih Bukhari.

It also had demanded General Musharraf be thrown out from the Army House. (ANI)