Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson begging hubby to quit motorbike hobby

London, Mar 29 : Scarlett Johansson is urging her husband Ryan Reynolds to give up his motorcycle hobby, after the actor almost crashed his bike recently.

The ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ star is hooked to riding the mean machines, and recently dodged injury when a car performed an illegal turn and ended up in his path. The Canadian actor had to swerve quickly to avoid it.

The incident not only shook him, but also left Johansson in fear.

While Reynolds is planning a summer road trip across Alaska on his new Paul Smart Ducati bike, Johansson is terrified that a bad accident is waiting to happen.

Scarlett Johansson getting rid of her famous curves

New York, Mar 27 : Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson seems to have forced herself into a rigid diet regime to get rid of her famous curves.

Scarlett Johansson hesitant over gladiatrix role in new film

Scarlett Johansson hesitant over gladiatrix role in new filmLondon, March 5: Scarlett Johansson is a bundle of nerves thinking about her role as a gladiatrix in her new film, since she doubts “fitting the mould” of a warrior woman.

The actress revealed that even though she has previously undergone weapon training for her other roles, she is yet to feel confident about portraying a murderous girl for ‘Amazon’.

"I think I''m supposed to be a gladiatrix. These film guys are crazy about gladiatrixes,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying,

Scarlett Johansson shunned ‘blonde looks’ due to boredom

London, March 4 : Actress Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she decided to shun her "blonde bombshell" looks out of boredom.

The actress, who appears in the guise of Marilyn Monroe as the "face" of the first-ever make-up collection by Dolce & Gabbana, launched this week at Milan Fashion Week, has got her hair dyed in a dark red colour.

"I was bored one day. It was raining. I was with a hairdresser friend and just decided to colour my hair. We experimented with a few shades until we got the right one. I like it," the Telegraph quoted her as telling as to when she decided to get her hair dyed.

Her brunette appearance has surprised people because she has always emphasized on blonde looks in the past.

Johansson intends to make best use of her assets

Johansson intends to make best use of her assets

Scarlett Johansson in talks to play ‘Black widow’ in Iron Man sequel

Scarlett JohanssonLondon, Feb 17 : Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is being considered for playing the role of Black Widow in Iron Man sequel, and is currently in talks with movie bosses.

Brit actress Emily Blunt was being tipped for the role earlier, but she seems to have given her dates to a new s version of Gulliver''s Travels featuring Jack Black, reports the Daily Express.

Thus, Scarlett is being considered to portray the femme-fatale Russian spy Natasha Romanoff in the sequel.