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Prince William still wears braces

Prince William still wears bracesLondon, Apr 25 : Prince William, 26, still wears a brace to support his lower teeth, it has emerged.

The brace was such a well-kept secret that even his own staff did not notice him wearing it, and it was only spotted while he was meeting excited children during a visit to Staffordshire on April 24.

Wills has had the wire in place behind his bottom teeth ever since his braces were removed when he was 16.

Wills ‘to begin advanced helicopter training’

Wills ‘to begin advanced helicopter training’London, April 18 : Prince William has reportedly completed his basic flight training and will move on to a more advanced learning as he trains to become a search and rescue helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force.

The 26-year-old was said to have already learnt risky night and instrument flying, forced landings, and emergency work in Squirrel choppers.

And now he is expected to get into a more intense training with Griffin helicopter to become skilled at carrying out rescues, reports the Daily Star.

Wills, Harry get ‘saucy map with naughty nicknames’ to navigate Britain

Wills, Harry get ‘saucy map with naughty nicknames’ to navigate BritainLondon, April 16 : Pilots-to-be William and Harry have been handed a raunchy Royal Air Force map with naughty nicknames to help them find their way around the British territories, according to sources.

Top Guns were said to have dubbed the landmarks with saucy titles, some of which include Sally's T*ts, which were the two rounded Clee Hills near Ludlow, Shrops, and Biggus Dickus, the Cerne Giant carved into a Dorset hillside.

Wills crashes £1m training plane after ‘cockpit blunder’

Prince WilliamLondon, April 14 : Prince William crashed a million pound plane during his Royal Air Force training after hitting a wrong button, it has emerged.

The 26-year-old, who is honing his skills to become a Search and Rescue Officer, was reportedly preparing to land a high-power Tucano.

But he allegedly grounded the plane, leaving the engine “overcooked” and out of action.

Engineering chief Joe Watt said the incident was not unprecedented.

“He’s not the only one. Better pilots than him have done it,” the Sun quoted Watt as saying.

Prince William chooses to fly economy in times of recession

Prince WilliamLondon, Mar. 29 : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his ministers can take a lessons on cost cutting from Prince William, second in line to the British throne, who has directed his staff to book him in economy on scheduled flights whenever possible.

“He is determined to get his traveling costs down. Obviously there will be occasions when his security team will advise him against this, but he has told us that his default position from now on will be to turn right when he enters an aircraft. He is acutely aware that this is no time for ostentatious expenditure,” The Telegraph quoted a senior courtier, as saying.