Wills, Harry get ‘saucy map with naughty nicknames’ to navigate Britain

Wills, Harry get ‘saucy map with naughty nicknames’ to navigate BritainLondon, April 16 : Pilots-to-be William and Harry have been handed a raunchy Royal Air Force map with naughty nicknames to help them find their way around the British territories, according to sources.

Top Guns were said to have dubbed the landmarks with saucy titles, some of which include Sally's T*ts, which were the two rounded Clee Hills near Ludlow, Shrops, and Biggus Dickus, the Cerne Giant carved into a Dorset hillside.

The Royals could also look up Donkey's D**k off the Welsh coast, along with Stars Wars Valley and Harry Potter Viaduct in Scotland.

Another North Wales building was labelled P*** Off Biggles after a farmer, tired of the loud jets, painted the words on his barn roof.

"Training involves recognising landmarks," the Sun quoted a source as saying.

Both the heirs have been trying to hone their flying skills since January.

While William has been eyeing a career as a search and rescue helicopter pilot with the RAF, Harry has set his sights on piloting the meanest machine in the British Army, the Apache. (ANI)