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Biden: US will seek more cooperation with, and from Europe

Joe BidenMunich - US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday promised greater cooperation with European allies on security issues, but only in exchange for greater European contributions to fighting global security threats.

Biden's speech before the Munich Security Conference, billed as the new US administration's first glimpse of an overarching security and defence policy, presented a laundry list of US priorities around the world, combined with a promise of greater US humility in addressing those issues.

All eyes on Biden as world leaders debate European security

Joe BidenMunich - World leaders were looking for an insight into the new US administration's foreign policy Saturday as US Vice-President Joe Biden was set to address a VIP debate on issues ranging from NATO enlargement to Russian proposals for a new security treaty.

Biden was set to close a debate entitled "The future of European security" at the prestigious Munich Security Conference, which has gathered some 350 top politicians from around the world.

Will Joe Biden cook up a storm in Munich?

Will Joe Biden cook up a storm in Munich?Munich - US Vice President Joe Biden is set to give Europeans a preview of his country's new foreign policy agenda as he addresses the prestigious Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Biden's speech is likely to outline US President Barack Obama's fresh approach to international affairs but won't delve into details on how Obama intends to address a long list of issues and challenges, analysts say.

Biden to represent US at Munich defence conference

Joe BidenWashington  - US Vice President Joe Biden will attend an annual conference on security

Is Biden Obama''s ''No. 3''?

Is Biden Obama''s ''No. 3''?Washington, Jan. 27 : A comment appearing on a blog in the United States has suggested that there is a change in the pecking order at the White House.

It suggests that after President Barack Obama, the number two man is not Vice President Joe Biden, but White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel. Biden, it claims is number three, which could leave him pretty unhappy.

US will undertake military offensive in Pak if ‘actionable target’ in sight

US will undertake military offensive in Pak if ‘actionable target’ in sightWashington, Jan. 26: United States Vice President Joe Biden has made it clear that the US would not hesitate to launch a military offensive in Pakistan if there was an `actionable target' in sight.

Biden said that the missile hits in the tribal areas of Pakistan would also continue.

He said that the US is working towards strengthening their strategy to counter the rising insurgency in the tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.