Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson''s family blames bad styling, unfriendly lens for her ''curvy’ form

Washington, Feb 4 : Jessica Simpson's family has insisted that the singer has not gained weight, and recent pictures showing her `curvy' figure are nothing but the result of bad wardrobe selection and wrong camera angle.

Simpson was at the centre of a huge furore after fans criticised the singer's weighty appearance when pics emerged showing the starlet looking a little larger than her normally petite self.

However, sources very close to the Simpson family said the apparent "weight gain" has more to do with bad styling and an unfriendly lens.

The source, very close to the pop princess claimed that her weight hasn't actually changed much at all over recent times despite reports to the contrary.

Now, Carmen Electra defends Jessica Simpson’s ‘curvy’ figure

Now, Carmen Electra defends Jessica Simpson’s ‘curvy’ figureLondon, Feb 4: Carmen Electra is the latest star to join the likes of celebrities who have come out to defend Jessica Simpson's recent `curvy' stage appearance.

Simpson faced flak from fans and critics alike after wearing a very unflattering outfit at a gig last week.

However, sexy Carmen Electra has claimed that Jessica looks as hot as ever.

"She''s a gorgeous girl. A lot of women would die to look as good as she looks," The Sun quoted Carmen as saying.

Did Barack Obama call Jessica Simpson fat?

Washington, Feb 3: A comment that U. S. President Barack Obama had made about Jessica Simpson in an interview with Matt Lauer has left many wondering whether he called her fat.

During the interview, Obama was shown a copy of US Magazine, and told that the editors had cut him out of the cover photo with his wife and daughters to make room for Simpson.

In the upper right-hand corner of the cover was a photo of a curvier Simpson, and the headline: "Weight Battle."

When Lauer pointed it out to him, he joked that it was painful and added the headline to his statement.

However, it did not sit well with the ladies, and they thought the new president was quite insensitive.

Carmen Electra admires Jessica Simpson’s body

Washington, Feb 2 : Hollywood actress Carmen Electra has expressed her admiration for pal Jessica Simpson's fine-looking body, saying that people die to achieve a body like her.

Electra was pretty eloquent about the fact that Jessica is blessed with an attractive body, and women envied her incredible figure.

"She''s a gorgeous girl," People magazine quoted her as saying.

"A lot of women would die to look as good as she looks," she added.

Electra also said that Jessica unnecessarily faced the flak for her appearance in Pembroke Pines performance, as it was her outfit that went wrong.

Jessica Simpson slams ‘weighty’ taunts by making stage appearance

London, Jan 31: Donning skin-tight leather trousers, Jessica Simpson made a public appearance to blast criticism surrounding her `curvy' body.

The singer's rather `full body' was largely criticised after pictures of her concert in Pembroke Pines, Florida on January 25, were made public.

However, taking the controversy in her stride, Simpson took to the stage again and was seen strutting across the stage in black leather trousers as she opened for Rascal Flatts in Charlottesville, Virginia on January 29.

Did Jessica Simpson’s football beau bed a brunette in her bed?

Did Jessica Simpson’s football beau bed a brunette in her bed?Melbourne, Jan 29 : American singer Jessica Simpson's beau Tony Romo, who is a Dallas Cowboys quarterback, has been revealed to have cheated on her while she was away.

According to Star Magazine, as soon as Simpson flew out of Burbank airport on January 16, Romo decided to host a party at her house, where he is said to have hooked up with a brunette in the singer's bed.