Carmen Electra admires Jessica Simpson’s body

Washington, Feb 2 : Hollywood actress Carmen Electra has expressed her admiration for pal Jessica Simpson's fine-looking body, saying that people die to achieve a body like her.

Electra was pretty eloquent about the fact that Jessica is blessed with an attractive body, and women envied her incredible figure.

"She''s a gorgeous girl," People magazine quoted her as saying.

"A lot of women would die to look as good as she looks," she added.

Electra also said that Jessica unnecessarily faced the flak for her appearance in Pembroke Pines performance, as it was her outfit that went wrong.

"There''s going to be moments where people don''t necessarily like your look or what you''re wearing, and that''s okay," Electra said.

"Next week, she''ll rock some outfit that will blow everyone away," Electra added. (ANI)