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Hamid Karzai offered cabinet berths to Taliban if they agree to peace deal

Lahore, Oct 13 : Hamid Karzai offered cabinet berths to Taliban if they agree to peace dealEven as the US and the UK have been encouraging the Afghan Government to hold talks with the moderate Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai had recently offered cabinet berths to the Taliban leaders in his government if they agreed to a peace deal which could bring fighting to an end.

Karzai reportedly made the offer through his brother Qayoun at a secret meeting in Saudi Arabia of which Britain was aware.

Karzai''s elder brother met former Taleban leaders, says BBC

Karzai''s elder brother met former Taleban leaders, says BBCKabul, Oct. 8 : Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai''s elder brother, Qayum Karzai, is said to have had talks with former Taleban leaders during a traditional religious meal hosted by the Saudi King Abdullah last month.

According to the BBC, former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and a delegation of at least 15 Afghans also participated in the talks.

Afghan Prez’s brother Ahmed Karzai’s links to drugs trade not probed: NYT

Afghan President Hamid KarzaiWashington, Oct 5 : On several occasions over the past four years, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s brother Ahmed Wali Karzai has been found involved in drugs trade, but no action has been taken against him yet. Even US’ requests have proved to have fallen on deaf ears of the Afghan President, said a detailed report in New York Times.

Even the President rubbished the reports saying that they were substantiated with any concrete proof.

Hamid Karzai asks Mulla Umar to return to Afghanistan, ensures safety

Afghan President Hamid KarzaiKabul, Oct 3: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has reportedly advised the Taliban leader in Afghanistan Mulla Umar to return to Afganistan, and promised him all possible safety.

“I propose Mulla Umar to get back to Afghanistan as I will be wholly solely responsible for his security and I shall be answerable to the whole of the world on his behalf,” The News quoted Karzai as saying in an interview with GEO TV.

Karzai promises several steps for every single step Pak takes to tackle terror

Hamid KarzaiUnited Nations, Sept 25 : Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has said that his country was ready to take several steps for every single step Pakistan would take to address the burgeoning challenge of extremism.

“Afghanistan stands ready to take several steps for each single step that Pakistan will take to address the challenge of radicalism and terrorism,” The News quoted Karzai as saying at the UN General Assembly session.

Karzai says U.S. credibility at stake in wake civilian Afghan deaths

New York, Sept. 25 :Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has warned the United States that its credibility is at stake in the wake of the killing of innocent Afghans by NATO troops.

“Terrorist forces have significantly increased their attacks and brutality and enjoyed freedom in their sanctuaries. Civilian casualties can seriously undermine the legitimacy of fighting terrorism and the credibility of the Afghan people''s partnership with the international community,” Karzai told the UN General Assembly''s annual gathering of world leaders.