Karzai promises several steps for every single step Pak takes to tackle terror

Hamid KarzaiUnited Nations, Sept 25 : Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has said that his country was ready to take several steps for every single step Pakistan would take to address the burgeoning challenge of extremism.

“Afghanistan stands ready to take several steps for each single step that Pakistan will take to address the challenge of radicalism and terrorism,” The News quoted Karzai as saying at the UN General Assembly session.

He urged Pakistan and the international community to help eliminate sanctuaries terrorists use to attack his beleaguered country. “Undoubtedly, terrorism will not go away until we dismantle the elaborate institutional support terrorists enjoy in the region and eliminate their secure sanctuaries,” he said and added: “This will be possible only if we engage in sincere regional and international cooperation.”

Karzai said a fresh spate of attacks in Pakistan, Marriott Hotel suicide attack, illustrated the need to work together.

The Afghan President appealed for more international help to train and equip his army and police. “The continuation of civilian casualties can seriously undermine the legitimacy of fighting terrorism and the credibility of the Afghan people''s partnership with the international community,” Karzai added. (ANI)