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Imran, Asma Jehamgir to protest against Musharraf in London this weekend

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Asma Jehangir says Pakistan Government is waging a war on its people

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Chairperson Asma Jehangir

Asma Jehangir urges Pakistan’s friends to persuade US to stop supporting Pervez Musharraf

Chairwoman Asma JehangirPeshawar, Nov 5 : Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Chairwoman Asma Jehangir has urged “friends of Pakistan” to persuade the US to stop supporting President General Pervez Musharraf.

The US must “stop supporting the instable dictator, as his lust for power is bringing the country close to a worse form of a civil strife,” said Jehangir, who was put under house arrest for three months on Saturday after the proclamation of an emergency.

“It is time now for the international community to insist on preventive measures otherwise it may take decades to clean the mess,” Jehangir said in a statement.