Orlando's tourism agency launches new global marketing campaign
Orlando's tourism agency launches new global marketing campaign

The official tourism association in Central Florida, Visit Orlando launched a new global marketing campaign in order to encourage more travel. According to officials, they will make use of professionally shot photos and video intended to encourage positive things related to Orlando in addition to a social media strategy that asks visitors to tell regarding their experiences.

According to Mark Jaronski, a Visit Orlando official, "Seeing these experiences that are being had will elicit the emotions to come back and create more memories. We have some plans that we have not unveiled yet that we will announce later this summer".

People who are enjoying in Orlando are being asked to use the '#myorlandostory' on Facebook posts; they can also use other social media platforms. According to Gary Oster, US Travel Association official, promotion is a continual process and one can never stop marketing. He added that it's great to tell people regarding specialties of Orlando.

This week, the US Travel Association is inviting international travel buyers to Orlando; this is related to a big convention. The US Travel Association promotes travel into and within the United States. Oster said that Orlando will earn $1.7 billion dollars-worth of new business for Orlando from all of the future bookings to be done from the appointments.

The convention assures that more money will flow and more people will visit Orlando; it was the first city in the US, where over 60 million people visited in 2014.