One Woman killed in Gun Shooting at Coral Ridge Mall

A woman died in a firing incident on Friday inside the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, said police.

The gun firing started the popular Iowa mall after 7pm. Witnesses said they started hearing gunshots and a male gunman shot at least one woman and then fled away. The gun firing led to complete chaos in the mall, as people started to run out of the matter and others started to search out places to hide.

Iowa Department of Public Safety spokesman Alex Murphy confirmed late Friday that a woman was killed in the shooting. The victim’s identity has not been revealed.

Suspect behind the shooting has been arrested by troopers with the Iowa State Patrol and Scott County Sheriff's deputies. They made the arrest during a traffic stop on Interstate 80, around 50 miles east of the mall in Davenport.

The police do not think more people could be involved in the shooting. They also cleared that public is not in danger. For now, no additional detail has been released as to why the shooting took place.

After the shooting was reported, police from different agencies went to the second-largest mall in Iowa. Announcements of complete evacuation were made and others were kept locked down for over an hour. The mall, which is near Interstate 80 in Coralville, a community of 19,000 people in eastern Iowa, is now a regional shopping destination.