France denies of any secret deal with Iran

Clotilde ReissFrance has refused to have any secret deal with Iran to release the French lecturer who has been charged of spying in the country. The French lecturer Clotilde Reiss has arrived in France with a separate flight from the Iran's capital Teheran. She was charged of spying and has been sentenced for 10 years of jail in Teheran. But her lawyer has said that he had deposited a fine of $285,000 for her release. He has also said that the matter of any secret deal with the country is absolute baseless.

Clotilde Reiss is a lecturer at Iran and aged 25 yrs old. She was accused of e-mailing photographs and espionage of the anti-government protest.

But the Foreign Minister has said there was no haggling and no pay-off for her release. She will be meeting the French President on Sunday.

But the lawyer of the accused has said that she had paid the fine money for her release. She was staying at the French embassy in Teheran. In that six months period she was on a teaching and research assignment in Isfahan.

In last week France has also released an Engineer from Iran accused of illegal export of electronic parts for the use of military of Iran.