Nissan confirms three new electric models & gigafactory location

Nissan confirms three new electric models & gigafactory location

Marking a groundbreaking chapter in its electrification process, Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company has announced that it is set to introduce two cutting-edge Compact Utility Vehicles (CUVs) and an all-new version of the widely-acclaimed Leaf EV, all of which will be crafted at the brand’s Sunderland plant in the UK.

Not content with the new EV plans, the Japanese automaker is also set to fortify its production capacity by adding yet another gigafactory at Sunderland, in a move that propels its commitment to innovation and sustainability to new heights.

The much-anticipated announcement by Nissan encompasses an electrified variant of the Qashqai (which is called the Rogue Sport in the US), the revival of an electrified Juke (which is not available in the US since 2018 but still thriving globally), and a revamped version of the Nissan Leaf EV.

The aforementioned groundbreaking EVs will draw inspiration from the Hyper Urban, Hyper Punk, and Chill Out concepts, representing a diverse range of the brand’s innovative design ethos.

Notably, the anticipated utilization of the Nissan “Chill Out” concept as the guiding force behind the revived Leaf in really encouraging, and it affirms earlier speculations. The automaker appears to be more interested in adding crossovers to its electric lineup as it is going to offer not just the EV Qashqai and EV Juke, but also transitioning the Leaf into a crossover utility vehicle.

As part of the revelations, the UK government also showed its full support to the brand’s initiatives in the field of EVs. Echoing resounding support, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described the brand’s huge investment as a “pivotal vote of confidence” in the British automotive industry. He went on to state that the investment would make Sunderland the epicenter of EV innovation and manufacturing in the UK.

Speaking on the topic, PM Sunak said, “Nissan’s investment is a massive vote of confidence in the UK’s automotive industry, which already contributes a massive £71 billion a year to our economy. This venture will no doubt secure Sunderland’s future as the UK’s Silicon Valley for electric vehicle innovation and manufacturing.”

Headquartered in the Yokohama area of Japan, Nissan has shown its resolute commitment to electrification, thanks to its aspiration to achieve a 100% electric portfolio in Europe by the end of current decade, while concurrently maintaining a global presence with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

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