New JobLens app to allow local job search

New JobLens app to allow local job search A new job search application called, JobLens, which will be launched in the UK today, will allow users to look for jobs in their local area.

JobLens is a Windows Phone 8 app that uses augmented reality to shows the location of the job in relation to the user's location and also display information about the company. The app will also tap into the user's social networking profiles including that in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live in order to identify friends who might be able to connect the users to their prospective employers.

The users can also provide their CV to the company through Microsoft SkyDrive account and if the application is successful they will be directed to the interview with the company. Nokia, which offers smartphones running on Windows Phone 8, will offer a detailed overview to 30 entrepreneurs from the Entrepreneur First not-for-profit programme to encourage them to build new businesses in the country.

"We want to challenge these young minds to imagine how JobLens can be enhanced and refined to address UK unemployment, a challenge that unfortunately all too many countries are combating," said Nokia's Bryan Biniak.

They will meet representatives from the government, education and employment services to understand their difficulties and offer an app that can help them achieve their missions.