Naked women make men blind ... to high prices

BelgiumBrussels - Advertisers have known this all along, but now it is scientifically proven: men who are exposed to naked women stop paying attention to prices.

According to a report Tuesday by Flemish broadcaster VRT, a study by the University of Leuven found an inverse relationship between testosterone levels and price awareness among males.

The "naked women" effect is particularly strong among machos, the study found.

"Machos usually tend to be tough negotiators, but adverts featuring naked women turn them into gullible sheep," said Siegfried Dewitte, a professor of economics who carried out the study.

The study also found a similar effect on women exposed to scantily-clad men. However, it also found that women generally tend to be more sensitive to the touch, rather than to such visual stimuli.

According to Dewitte, the message for shopkeepers is clear: if you want to sell more products, put up a sexy picture in your shop. (dpa)