Marijuana: a growing business in Michigan

medical-marijuanaObservers have said that entrepreneurs in Michigan turning to the burgeoning medical marijuana business are finding a steady, modest income.

The Detroit Free Press reported on Monday that nineteen months after Michigan voters legalized marijuana for medicinal use, a growing cottage industry of growing, selling, consulting, educating growers, and some work for lawyers has blossomed in the state.

Obama optimistic that Chrysler can avoid bankruptcy

Obama optimistic that Chrysler can avoid bankruptcyWashington - US President Barack Obama suggested last-minute talks to save Chrysler LLC from bankruptcy were yielding results, saying he was "very hopeful" Wednesday night that a deal could be reached with creditors.

"The details have not yet been finalized," Obama said of the government-brokered talks. "But I'm feeling more optimistic than I was" about a resolution.

Researchers Find Secret Behind Turmeric’s Therapeutic Power

Indian Turmeric Powder Finally, the researchers have unravelled the secret behind the much hyped therapeutic power of the main component in turmeric, a spice regarded as auspicious and antiseptic in India.

The study was conducted by Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, professor of biophysics, University of Michigan and his fellow workers.

The research indicated that turmeric has been used in various ways for hundreds of years in Indian folk medicine in order to heal injuries, infections and other troubles related to health.

GM closing plants for summer; Chrysler bankruptcy nears

GM closing plants for summer; Chrysler bankruptcy nearsWashington - Under government pressure to prove its viability by June 1 and bracing for a prolonged recession, General Motors on Thursday announced an unprecedented series of nationwide summer plant shut-downs to reduce ballooning inventory.

Meanwhile, with an April 30 deadline looming for the smaller Chrysler, the government was already drawing up a bankruptcy filing that would protect Chrysler union members' pensions and retiree health-care benefits, The New York Times reported.

US government gives Chrysler April 30 deadline to strike Fiat deal

Chrysler According to the New York Times Monday reports, for the Auburn Hills, Michigan-based Chrysler to qualify for additional loans from the US government, it must strike a deal with Italian auto biggie Fiat SpA by April 30. As per the terms of the alliance, Fiat would receive a 35 per cent stake in Chrysler, but would provide no cash infusion.

In case Chrysler, the third largest automaker, fails to materialize the projected pact with Fiat by the set deadline, it would receive no more aid from the government, because the Obama administration would not consider it a viable stand-alone company.

Fisker eyes market for luxury green cars: Karma

Fisker eyes market for luxury green cars: KarmaDetroit, Michigan  - With a worldwide recession driving car sales sharply lower, this week's Detroit Auto Show left most carmakers touting cheap, fuel-efficient and even electric cars as the wave of the future.

But Fisker Automotive, a California-based startup founded in 2005, is hoping the wealthy are just as interested in the environment as those looking to save money. The company rolled out a production-ready luxury sports car this week with a twin electric and petrol engine.

Neighborhood watch sets off burglar alarm

SAGINAW, Mich., Dec. 4 - A Saginaw, Mich., neighborhood watch group said it had to cancel a meeting after arriving members tripped a burglar alarm.

Bonnie Leiner, president of the Covenant Neighborhood Association, said the alarm started blaring after she opened the doors of Communications Workers of America Hall for Wednesday evening's meeting, the Saginaw News reported Thursday.

Leiner said members tried for almost an hour to contact someone who could switch the alarm off, but they were eventually forced to cancel the gathering 10 minutes after it was supposed to have started.

Police: Fleeing teen stole squad car

JACKSON, Mich., Dec. 4 - Authorities in Jackson County, Mich., said a 16-year-old girl being pursued by a police officer sped off in an unattended patrol car.

Blackman Township Public Safety Director Mike Jester said an officer responded to a domestic dispute early Monday morning and the 16-year-old, whose name was not released, fled on foot, the Jackson (Mich.) Citizen-Patriot reported Thursday.

Jester said the girl evaded the officer and entered an unattended police car that had been left unlocked. The dispatch tape from the evening recorded the girl using the car's radio to taunt the officer for "leaving his car unlocked."

The girl also used expletives to tell the female dispatcher to "shut up," the tape recorded.

FIFA: Financial crisis has not touched organization

FIFA-LogoJohannesburg - Football's controlling body FIFA on Friday said that the global economic crisis has not caused a problem for the organization.

"We are glad that the crisis has not touched FIFA. We are not Swiss for nothing. We are still a safe company," general secretary Jerome Valcke said.

Addressing a press conference in Johannesburg a day before the Confederations Cup draw Valcke said that any unplanned changes that the FIFA expected to be implemented by the local organizing committee (LOC) that placed a financial burden on the LOC would be discussed between the parties.

Medical marijuana approved in Ferndale

Medical marijuana approved in FerndaleA proposal to distribute medical marijuana by a private group has been approved in northern Detroit suburb. 

The opponents’ arguments that medical marijuana would increase crime and recreational use of the drug were discarded by the voters. 63% voters in Michigan favored the proposal.  

The proposal would be implemented later this month. This means, patients suffering from cancer, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma and other illnesses to grow would be allowed to possess and use marijuana.

Get a blood test to ascertain menopause

Get a blood test to ascertain menopauseA latest research by an international team, led by scientists from Michigan University says that a simple blood test could give an accurate time when a woman will be in the stage of menopause.

The test is a simple analysis of the hormones in the blood. According to the researchers these hormones fluctuate in the reproductive life cycle of a woman.

A New Test To Predict ‘Menopause’

A New Test To Predict ‘Menopause’ According to scientists, a simple blood test could now give an accurate prediction of when women will hit the menopause.

This unique test has developed by an International team and led by scientists from Michigan University, claims to tell women about their reproductive life by measuring hormone levels in the blood. With the help of this test women can plan pregnancies accordingly.

Antioxidants in grapes may fight blood pressure

Antioxidants in grapes may fight blood pressure

A study by University of Michigan indicates that grapes act as a shield against blood pressure. The study indicates that black, green and red grapes contain high levels of natural antioxidants that reduce hypertension. Flavonoids found in the skin, pulp and seeds of grapes help in lowering the blood pressure.

Level of hormones can predict menopause

Level of hormones can predict menopause

A recent research showed a way to predict probable time when women will hit the menopause. Research team led by scientists from Michigan University developed a blood test that measures changes in hormones in the blood, which fluctuate as a woman goes through her reproductive lifespan.

Researchers claim that changes in the chemicals anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and inhibin B can predict how fast women are progressing through the different elements of their reproductive life.

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