McDonald's reveals secret recipe behind chicken 'McNuggets'

Mcdonald Chicken McNuggetsLondon, Dec 10 : McDonald's has revealed what really goes into their deep fried snack Chicken McNuggets.

After battling with hoards of rumours like "pink slime" being used to make popular snacks like the McNuggets and the Big Mac, the hamburger giant has now released behind-the-scenes video, which details step by step how they make the meals, the Mirror reported.

In the new campaign, McDonalds says itself: "We've heard just about every rumour out there - so have you."

The video has gotten almost 10 million hits, and shows Grant Imahara, of TV's Mythbusters confronting Amy Stewart, Principal Meat Scientist at Tyson Foods, with the 'pink slime' internet film, to which Stewart says "that's not used in Chicken McNuggets."

She also denied grinded up chicken beaks and feet being used in the making.

The hamburger chain had opened its door to media for the first time back in October, to confirm their burgers are 100 per cent beef. A similar video has also been released detailing the production process for McRibs. (ANI)