Mask Buying FAQ: Are All Masks Reusable?

Mask Buying FAQ: Are All Masks Reusable?

Due to the flare-up of Coronavirus, masks have become an absolute necessity in our lives. To prevent yourself from the infection, wearing a mask has become the one-stop relief to avoid any mishap. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends facial coverings at all gatherings. It is the precautionary measure approved by the medical practitioners to follow when going out in public.

The increasing relevance of masks has given an impetus to its utility. But before you buy mask online, consider the type of mask that you want. Since there is a wide range of masks available, it can be challenging to find a suitable mask. Ranging from disposable surgical ones to reusable ones, you can choose the one that will suit your needs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, disposable masks were a convenient and easy-to-obtain option. But slowly, as the world came to terms with the virus staying for long, reusable masks gained popularity. Unlike disposable masks, they are not becoming a worldwide litter hazard. They are environmental-friendly and offer superior protection.

However, if you are wondering which mask in the market is reusable, you can follow these steps:

1. Check the Company

Before you buy mask online, it helps to research about it online. You will find that there are companies that offer both disposable and reusable masks. It would help if you make sure that the company you choose sells reusable masks. If you buy mask online, you can check the reusability feature on their website in the mask quality product description.

2. Check Whether it is Washable

Essentially, the reusability feature of any mask defines that that mask can be worn multiple times. However, it is crucial that you wash your mask after using it regularly. When you are looking to buy mask online, you should check if it is washable or not. For instance, companies like Nirvana Being offers washable and reusable masks like Airific 2.0. This product has been tested with a VFE, BFE >95% by Nelson Labs in the USA and has a life of up to 200 hours of usage in conditions up to 300 AQI. Plus, in lower AQI conditions, the lifespan of these masks can get extended.

3. Check for Masks with Nanotechnology

Although not all reusable masks need to be made with nanotech fiber, it will be beneficial to opt for a mask designed with this technology. Usually, standard masks that are somewhat porous cannot block nanoparticles smaller than 0.3 microns. However,masks made using nanotechnology can do that. They are generally lab tested and can effectively capture less than 96 percent of all nanoparticles down to 0.1 microns.

These were some of the features that distinguish reusable masks from disposable ones. After you have decided to find a reusable mask, you should also look for the following benefits when you buy mask online:

• Easy Breathability

When you buy mask online, you should ensure to check its breathability feature. As you will be wearing your mask for a substantial part of the day or maybe a minimum of 6-10 hours per day, you should check for the mask's comfort.

It will be wise to opt for a mask that captures particles with a low-pressure drop and is extremely comfortable. Such masks provide the lowest breathing resistance. A good example is Airific 2.0 by Nirvana Being. This mask offers extremely low breathing resistance and isN95, FFP2 certified in India.

• Easy Disposal

When it comes to discarding masks, disposable masks might seem like an easy choice. However, as mentioned previously, not all disposable masks are environment-friendly. Hence, when you opt for a reusable mask, look for one that has an easy disposal process.

Since reusable masks are washable, you must disinfect them if you have been in a crowded place after every use,irrespective of the time length of usage. You can use a UV sterilizer or air it in a fanned room. However, once you find it difficult to breathe in a mask, know that it is time for disposal. Disinfect it and then discard the mask.

Reusable Masks: God-Send during the Pandemic

The increasing risk to our health has made it essential to wear a mask when out in public. Since the country has resumed operations and the workplaces have re-opened, you must protect your health in the best possible manner. Wearing masks in public is the best possible safety measure that you can follow easily. So, when you buy mask online, opt for a reusable mask. You can buy mask online from reputable companies like Nirvana Being,which offers various reusable masks. Visit their website and add masks to your cart today!