KFC introduces impressive first grease-absorbing Bluetooth keyboard

Fast food giant KFC has recently the world's first grease-absorbing Bluetooth keyboard known as the KFC Tray Typer.

So you encounter difficulty to type or surf while eating at KFC, the company has found the perfect solution for you.

The device is basically a flexible keyboard the size of the food tray that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Advertising agency ServicePlan partnered with the fast food chain of restaurants and came up with the KFC Tray Typer.

It is placed on the bottom of a food tray. According to Yahoo News, the tray cover measures just 4 millimeters thick. It is durable, water-resistant, can be recharged and packs a relatively large keyboard.

The company said that it helps to keep a phone screen clean while people consume KFC's greasy food. So, if they don’t want fried chicken grease on their screen while texting a friend, Tray Typer acts as a perfect third-party accessory to keep the screen clean.

People often complain about that technology is becoming an obstacle in the way of socializing. It’s a rare phenomenon to witness that people talking to each other in restaurants, even while they are eating.

A lot of local restaurants and coffee places have initiated various campaigns to support customers who want to stop their typing while enjoying meals.

In India, McDonals has also a social media project, conducted under the umbrella of ‘#KuchPalOffline’. It offers customers promotional meals if they choose to spend quality offline time while eating in their restaurants.

However, KFC has chosen swim against the current by introducing this new advertising campaign. This will feed their customers smartphone addiction by ruling out the greasy fingers obstacle.