Karachi blasts: FBI attends FIA meeting

Islamabad, Oct 25 : The FBI is taking an active interest in the ongoing investigation into the attack on Benazir Bhutto’s reception rally, with representatives of the US agency attending a briefing at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) headquarters here on October 21.

Sources said that a team, led by a FBI official named Kevin who is posted at the US embassy in Islamabad, discussed various aspects of the attack with FIA officials.

FIA Special Investigation Group Commandant Khalid Qureshi and forensic expert Major (retired) Shafqat Malik led the FIA officials, they added.

US Embassy Spokeswoman Elizabeth Colton neither confirmed nor denied the meeting.

"I can’t confirm the meeting. As for Kevin, there could be many officials of this name in the embassy," the Daily Times quoted Colton, as saying.

Earlier, Bhutto had demanded the Musharraf regime to conduct a probe by international experts to nail down the culprits responsible for the October 18 attack on her homecoming rally in Karachi.

"They have anti-terrorism experts who have the technical expertise to investigate attacks of this nature," Benazir told reporters at her Bilawal House residence.

Bhutto further said that she had discussed the matter with some countries, including the United States and Britain. (ANI)