Joe Biden’s daughter’s ‘cocaine snorting video’ up for sale

Joe Biden’s daughter’s ‘cocaine snorting video’ up for saleNew York, March 29 : U. S. Vice-President Joe Biden may have to face shame after a video of his daughter allegedly snorting cocaine has been put for sale, according to online reports.

The footage was said to have been recorded by his daughter Ashley's friend and reportedly showed the social worker taking three lines of coke rolled in a dollar bill at a bash.

According to Radaronline. com, the alleged video of the 27-year-old has raked up offers up to as much as 250,000 dollars, reports the New York Daily News.

A Washington D. C. attorney was also purported to be "brokering any deals" regarding its purchase.

Interestingly, her father has long advocated anti-drug laws, and even penned the phrase "Drug Czar" in 1982. (ANI)