Japanese firms and entertainment industry creates trend for youth in Asia

Instax camera seriesTokyo, Feb. 25 - In countries across the world, youth set the benchmark for new trends and convince market players to create something new.

Japanese camera photo maker Fujifilm recently released the instant camera "" that provides photographs right after the clicking of the shutter.

It has attracted the young generation and created a huge trend among young ladies.

Fujifilm has dared to challenge the digital camera trend by reviving the instant camera.

In China and Korea, it recorded remarkable sales. In 2013-14, the sales are expected to touch the 2.2 million mark, a 40 per cent increase over figures recorded in the last financial year.

Yoshitaka Nakamura of Fujifilm said: "The trend has been noticed first in China and Korea. Afterwards, it picked up in Japan, and currently, has expanded to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other ASEAN countries. The most important point is to preserve the picture. After clicking a photograph, people want to keep it and preserve it as a record."

As a next step, Fujifilm released a new series that targetted smart phone users, whose numbers stand at two billion across the world.

"InstaxSHARE SP -1", is an instant printer for the smart phone.

After clicking the photo by smart phone, one can connect it to the printer through a special application and radio LAN.

The user can get a hands-on photo after 16 minutes. As smart phone users are predicted to grow to six billion by 2020, the future of Fujifilm is bright.

And, it is not only technology, but also the Japanese entertainment world that is gearing up to woo youth in Asia.

Japanese actor Yuki Furukawa has obtained both fame and popularity in Shanghai. He is the most famous Japanese talent in China. Many companies have approached him for their promotion.

On Chinese twitter "Weibo", Yuki has a million followers and it is increasing every day.

Amazed by his popularity, the Chinese media has a lot to share about Yuki.

Kylin, a fashion writer for ELLE magazine, said: "In a movie titled "Playful Kiss", Yuki Furukawa played the lead character and was given the title of Danshin meaning 'God of Man'. Now, in China, he is called Danshin."

Yuki Furukawa was recently invited by the Japanese enterprise JINS for the opening of a shop in Shanghai.

The company manages some 20 shops in Shanghai.

Kylin further said: "The popularity of Japanese actor Yuki Furukawa will rise. In China, the guy who is beautiful and modest, is liked by young ladies."

A writer of the Tensent website referred to the future of Japanese TV drama content relating it to big trend of Yuki Furukawa.

Shu Danni, a writer for the Tensent web site, said: "Every Japanese drama is of high quality. The only need is the right method to promote it. If it penetrates the audience in China, Japanese drama will hog a major share of the market in comparison to Korean TV drama."

With the trend of smart phones picking up the world over, the popularity of Japanese TV dramas will rise. The technology has brought the world closer. (ANI)