Jamie Dornan 'shocked' after visiting real-life sex dungeon

London, Feb 16 : Jamie Dornan has admitted that he was completely shocked when he visited a real-life dominatrix dungeon to research for his latest erotic flick 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

The Irish actor confessed that when he spent a night in Rascal's in Vancouver, Canada, he was scared as there were men bound at the wrists being whipped by leather-clad women and people tied up in all sorts of ways, wearing lingerie, the Daily Star reported.

The 32-year-old actor added that when he went at the S and M sex dungeon he was offered beer and then did whatever they were required to do and with this he was stunned by some of the explicit acts on display.

Sandy, owner of Rascal said that what happens there, stays there only, but the book brought more people to the club and even many actors and film crews have visited club out of curiosity and fun. (ANI)