India on alert as hackers mark India for cyber attacks

India on alert as hackers mark India for cyber attacksVarious external forces are interfering in Indian cyber programs, or it is more correct to say that India is facing continuous cyber attacks from external forces, said by the Chief Executive Officer and managing Director of the country's leading company Infosys. He also said that India should be on alert against these attacks.

He has to deliver a speech on the topic 'Future of IT in Modern warfare in Context of Cyber Security' at the college of Defense Management (CDM), where he urge the country to remain vigilant at the increasing cyber attacks on the nation. He said that country's security and safety is on stake by these cyber attacks. He further remembers the latest cyber attack faced by India in April, whose motive and identity is still unknown but few reports shows that the attack may be from china.

The cyber attack does not require many resources or finances; the attack can be launched just by a team of hackers. All these attacks are a subject of concern for the country's security and safety. In order to curtail these attacks he recommended that national polices should be created and officials working with IT companies should fix the defects and should inform at the time of attack.

He also said that hackers can trap the computer by sending virus who takes control of the computer or can smuggled the confidential and important data by hacking the system. To avoid all these flaws, India still needs to go far and introduce new researches.

He suggested few steps by which cyber attacks can be controlled, it includes; offering latest systems to the people working in the offices, government officials must be given the best and latest technology, software etc, passwords for the system should be long and complex enough. He told that Infosys has taken few measures to protect itself from these attacks and asked defense department to work with its company.