IBM’s significant investments could prove harmful for future of BlackBerry's Operating System
IBM’s significant investments could prove harmful for future of BlackBerry's

Last year, BlackBerry made a healthcare-related investment that according to many was a great opportunity for the company to grow its user base. Unfortunately, BBRY was slow in action and IBM has been aggressive in the space.

As a result of IBM and AAPL's expanded partnership, and IBM's recent partnerships, it's likely that BBRY will not have much hope in the $20 billion healthcare analytics market.

BlackBerry is a company that has been trying to use health care for securing customers for its mobile operating system and to possibly drive hardware sales higher.

However, the bigger and more significant investments done by IBM can put a lot of struggle in that plan. This could prove harmful for the future of BlackBerry's operating system.

Previous year, BlackBerry invested in NantHealth to collaborate on a platform for optimizing the delivery of healthcare information. With the investment, BlackBerry got access to a very broad collection of health data, including three billion vital signs collected from 16,000 medical devices annually.

Though it is so for unknown that how BlackBerry plans will be using this information, yet some have speculated that BlackBerry wanted to present this data to physicians and hospitals for the better prediction of disease and illness for patients, based on this large collection of data.

Supposedly, BlackBerry could be getting the hospitals and physicians for using BlackBerry's hardware and software to obtain, process, and utilize this data on future patients. Such a thing could have been a very valuable resource in the case of a primarily enterprise company.

But, sadly BlackBerry was not fast enough to move on the investment and acquisition of this data, and IBM got one, even three upped it.

IBM, unlike BlackBerry, has formed partnerships, centering on specific diseases and conditions, not just vital signs.

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