IBM India Lab Develops ‘Next Generation Solution’ For Call Centres

The researchers at the Indian lab of IBM developed a ‘next generation solution’ in order to defend against theft of crucial information from call centres without interrupting customer service or business functioning.

The company has also decided to use this capability in its private call centre processes to further secure data for its services clients throughout the world.
Guruduth Banavar, IBM India Research Laboratory Director, stated, “We have developed a solution that offers advanced data masking technology, which is a speech analytics tool that detects and masks private and sensitive information, both audio and onscreen without disrupting customer services or business operations.”

The company said that the newly launched technology solution is a speech analytics device, which helps in complying with safety as well as privacy legislation and compliance principles, which results into customer satisfaction.

Banavar also said that the solution, originated after 18 months of thorough research, was the only answer in the overall marketplace, which addressed complete security concerns of a call centre.

“There has been some attempts on data masking of conversation but it did not prove to be worthwhile. The IBM solution offers the industry the required protection of confidential data such as credit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), social security numbers, from getting into wrong hands,” Banavar added.

Asked about the cost of the technology for call centres and business projections, Banavar said after development the product would be transferred to the marketing arm of the company.

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