I cannot be a friend to Ranbir: Rishi Kapoor

New Delhi [India], Jan. 18 : Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor refuses to be son Ranbir Kapoor's friend and attributes this quality to his forefathers.

In conversation with author Suhel Seth at the launch of his book titled 'Khullam Khull: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored', he said, "My father had great reverence for my grandfather and I was brought up in the same manner. It so happened that unfortunately it passed on to me and Ranbir."

The 64-year-old also said he isn't a 'backslapping father' who shares secrets about girlfriends with his son.

"I am not cut out for that, neither do I want to be like that. That we aren't like friends is my failure."

While there is love and respect between Ranbir and him, there's an invisible wall too, as he said, "I want this wall between us where I can see you, but I can't feel you. I can't be that close to him. I know I am wrong and I may have faltered. Ranbir looks at this from a different point of view and I look at it differently."

"Ranbir feels that when he is going to have kids he is not going to be like me. It's a generation gap or whatever it is. I cannot be a friend to my son. I was never like that to my father and I cannot be like that to my son," added the 'Bobby' star.

When asked if he ever gives advice to the ' Tamasha' actor, he replied, "These kids don't need any advice. They can give tips to us. The youngsters today are more disciplined, and they know how to act. We didn't know anything. We used to come late on sets and have chamchas. You have to give it to these young actors for being so good."

Wife Neetu Kapoor, daughter Riddhima Sahni and son-in-law Bharat Sahni were present at the launch to support the senior Kapoor. (ANI)